Controls conducted on Nisbet road on October 27, 2022

From:  Acting head of communication Department

Inspector E.S Josepha

October 27st 2022


Controls conducted on Nisbet road on October 27, 2022


On October 27, 2022, police officers of the KPSM carried out a traffic control on the Nisbet road in the early morning focusing on the technical requirements of vehicles.


During the course of this action, several heavy equipment vehicles using the Nisbet roads were also controlled for non-compliance with technical requirements

These operators were explained about the upcoming actions the police will take after December 1st, 2022, regarding the use of heavy equipment during rush hours.


As of December 1st, 2022, in accordance with the statement of Minister of Justice Anna Richardson, the police will take action against drivers of heavy equipment operating during rush hours in violation of Article 60-A of the Traffic Ordinance of St. Maarten.

The following is an explanation of Article 60-A, of the Sint-Maarten Traffic ordinance.



Artikel 60A


Het is verboden met zwaar materieel over de voor het openbaar rij- en ander verkeer openstaande wegen te rijden op werkdag van 06:30 tot 08:30 uur en van 12:00 tot 14:00 uur.



Article 60A


It is prohibited to drive heavy equipment on the roads open to public driving and other traffic on work days from 06:30 to 08:30 and from 12:00 to 14:00.


The police request that communities have their vehicle documents with them, and ensure that the vehicles comply with the technical requirements of the Traffic ordinance



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