Enhanced controls throughout the island and Philipsburg  

From:  Acting head of communication Department

Inspector E.S Josepha

November 9th 2022




Enhanced controls throughout the island and Philipsburg


Within the last few weeks, the police special team has conducted general controls related to the end-of-year safety plan carried out by the special team. These controls were intelligence and information based, and focused police resources on factors related to general and traffic safety.


The team conducted a total of 192 vehicle controls last week in which 132 drivers were stopped for having dark windows, 18 scooters were stopped and three were taken into storage for non-compliance with technical requirements.


On the grounds of violations of the Narcotics Law, police stopped and searched 66 people on the suspicion of being in possession of narcotics. A total of 72 grams of drugs found and confiscated by police.


Two people with outstanding arrest warrants for armed robberies were arrested in the controls. One suspect was wanted in connection with several robberies.


Police will be active in Philipsburg and surrounding areas over the next few weeks. Action will be taken to prevent illegal parking and traffic situation on Front Street and to prevent burglaries and robberies.



KPSM cautions residents about St. Maarten Day celebration and jump-up in Simpson Bay


On Friday, November 11, 2022, the Causeway Jump-Up will take place across Simpson Bay and Cole Bay. Soggy Dollar is the start and end point of the jump-up that runs from 7:00pm until 10:00pm.


The Jump -Up route is Soggy Dollar on Airport Road, Causeway Bridge, Union Road, Kruithoff Roundabout, Welfare Road to Soggy Dollar.   


Police officers will be present in large numbers during all St. Maarten Day event. Participants of the Jump-Up and other Sint Maarten day events are urged by police to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Police will not be reluctant to address anyone who jeopardizes the safety of this event.


The Police Force of Sint Maarten is doing its utmost, to protect you, your family and property by combating crime and criminals. Police offer the community the following safety tips to help prevent crime.


Remember the 3 As of Crime Prevention


  • Be Aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Be Alert to suspicious people and vehicles.
  • Avoid dangerous situations.

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