Kòrsou a risibí 400.576 turista di estadia e promé 10 lunanan di aña


Kòrsou a risibí 400.576 turista di estadia e promé 10 lunanan di aña


WILLEMSTAD – 14 di novèmber 2022 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá ku Kòrsou a risibí un total di 400.576 turista di estadia durante e promé 10 lunanan di aña 2022 kual ta un kantidat di 19.586 turista di estadia adishonal kompará ku e mesun periodo na 2019. Na 2019 e kantidat registrá durante e mesun periodo tabata 380.990. E rekuperashon di e prestashon promé ku pandemia ta kontinuá sigun nos ta yegando fin di aña. Faltando solamente 2 luna pa 2022 terminá, CTB ta proyektá ku gran satisfakshon ku Kòrsou lo alkansá un kantidat rèkòrt di turista di estadia si e situashonnan aktual permanesé. Sifranan ku CTB a raportá anteriormente tabata un kantidat di 467.538 na 2015 i 463.684 na 2019.


Prestashon òktober 2022

CTB ta raportá un kantidat di 44.914 turista di estadia pa luna di òktober. Ku e kantidat aki, luna di òktober 2022 ta e di dos luna den e aña aki ku e mihó prestashon. E luna ku e mihó prestashon te na e momentunan aki ta luna di yüli na momentu ku nos a risibí 48.246 turista di estadia. Ora kompará e sifranan di òktober 2022 ku òktober 2019 por mira ku un kantidat di 10.388 turista di estadia adishonal a keda risibí e aña aki. Kòrsou ta sigui konta ku un tremendo prestashon di e 3 merkadonan prinsipal esta; Hulanda, Estádos Unídos i Colombia. E 3 merkadonan aki huntu ta responsabel pa 71% di tur turista di estadia ku a bishitá Kòrsou durante òktober 2022. E repartishon entre e 3 merkadonan ta di e siguiente manera: Hulanda 44.8%, Estádos Unídos 20.4% i Colombia 5.8. Un kantidat di 63% di tur e turistanan ku a bishitá Kòrsou a skohe un ‘resort hotel’ (esta hotèl grandi, chikí i bùngalo) komo akomodashon. Miéntras 37% a keda den un akomodashon alternativo. Un averahe di 8.6 anochi pa bishitante a keda registrá na luna di òktober.


Europa ta keda e region mas fuerte pa Kòrsou. Na òktober, un kantidat di 23.992 turista di estadia a bishitá Kòrsou for di Europa. Esaki ta 53.4% di e kantidat total di turista di estadia ku a bishitá nos pais. For di Hulanda un kantidat di 20.102 turista a keda risibí, esaki ta 128% rekuperashon kompará ku e kantidat di turista risibí na òktober 2019 na momentu ku 15.708 turista Hulandes a keda risibí. Otro merkadonan sekundario den region di Europa tambe a presta bon. Un kantidat di 1.391 turista di estadia a keda risibí for di Alemania i 905 for di Bèlgika.


For di e region di Nort Amérika un kantidat di 10.696 turista a bishitá Kòrsou na òktober representando 23.8% di e kantidat total di turista di estadia. Di e kantidat aki, un total di 9.166 a bini for di Estádos Unídos na òktober 2022. Na òktober 2019, un kantidat di solamente 4,040 turista merikano a keda risibí. Miéntras e demanda fuerte for di Estádos Unídos ta kontinuá, CTB ta kontentu pa raportá un prestashon positivo for di merkado kanades awor ku Air Canada i WestJet a reanudá nan servisio pa Kòrsou. Un kantidat di 1.530 kanades a bishitá Kòrsou na òktober 2022 miéntras e kantidat registrá na òktober 2019 tabata 853.

For di region di Sur Amérika un total di 5.990 turista di estadia a bishitá Kòrsou. Di e turistanan for di Sur Amérika, 2.601 tabata prosedente di Colombia. E rekuperashon di e merkado di Colombia ta 121%. Na òktober 2019 un kantidat di 2.152 turista a keda risibí. Un total di 902 turista di estadia tabata prosedente di Brazil na òktober 2022. For di region Karibe un total di 3.075 turista di estadia a keda risibí na òktober. Mayoria di e turistanan aki ta prosedente di e paisnan di Karibe Hulandes.

Na luna di òktober un total di 14 barku krusero a bishitá nos pais ku un total di 36.819 turista krusero.



Curaçao welcomed 400,576 stayover arrivals in the first ten months of the year


WILLEMSTAD – November 14, 2022 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 400,576 stayover visitor arrivals in the first ten months of the year 2022, which is an additional 19,586 stayover visitors compared to the same period in 2019. The stayover arrivals registered in 2019 during the same period was 380,990. The recovery of the pre-pandemic performance continues as we move towards the end of this year. With only two months left in 2022, CTB projects with great satisfaction that we will welcome a record-breaking number of stayover arrivals if the circumstances remain as is. Previously CTB reported respectively a total of 467,538 and 463,684 stayover arrivals in 2015 and 2019.


October 2022 performance:


CTB reports 44,914 stayover visitor arrivals for the month of October. With these arrivals, October 2022 is the second best performing month of the year 2022. The best performing month so far is July when we welcomed 48,246 stayover visitors. Looking back at the October 2019 performance, an additional 10,388 stayover visitors are welcomed this year. Curaçao continues to see a great performance from its top three main markets; The Netherlands, United States of America and Colombia. The three countries are accountable for 71% of all stayover visitors who traveled to Curaçao in October 2022. The share between the three top countries are 44.8%, 20.4% and 5.8% respectively.

Altogether 63% of all the visitors who travelled to Curaçao chose a resort hotel as their type of accommodation and 37% stayed in alternative accommodations. CTB registered an average stay of 8.6 nights in October.


Europe remains the strongest region for Curaçao and in October a total of 23,992 European visitors travelled to Curaçao. This is 53.4% of the total stayover arrivals. A total of 20,102 visitors from the Netherlands were welcomed last month. This is a 128% recovery rate compared to the number of stayover arrivals welcomed in October 2019 (15,708 Dutch visitors). Other secondary markets within the European region also performed well. We welcomed out of Germany and Belgium 1,391 and 905 visitors, respectively.


Out of the North American region, a total of 10,696 visitors are registered, contributing to a 23.8% share of the total arrivals in October. From the USA, we welcomed 9,166 visitors. In October 2019, CTB registered only 4,040 US visitors. As the great demand out of the US market continues, CTB is pleased to report positive performance from the Canadian market, now that both Air Canada and WestJet resumed service to Curaçao. A total of 1,530 Canadian visitors were welcomed, while in October 2019 a total of 853 visitors from Canada were registered.


From the South American region, we welcomed 5,990 visitors. Two thousand six hundred and one (2,601) are visitors from Colombia. The recovery rate of the Colombian market is 121%. In 2019 we recorded 2,152 visitors in October. A total of 902 stayover visitors from Brazil are registered in October 2022.

Out of the Caribbean region, we have welcomed 3,075 stayover visitors in October, primarily from the Dutch Kingdom islands.


There were 14 cruise ship calls and 36,819 cruise visitors for the month of October.


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