SERIE di 24 artíkulo tokante un posibel Struktura Estatal Nobo Título di e buki: IN SYNERGIA UNANIMUS

SERIE di 24 artíkulo tokante un posibel Struktura Estatal Nobo

Título di e buki: IN SYNERGIA UNANIMUS



Sub-título: Tin muchu hopi Estranhero na Mundu


E dia lo yega ku mundu lo skohe pa Fraternidat Universal y Spiritualidat Universal. Es desir, pa stòp di diskriminá a base di nashonalidat y religion.


Oké, por bisa ku esaki ta djis un soño irealístiko. Bon, kisas. Pero tur e otro soñonan ta pió. Komo sea, bèrdat ta ku nos soño no ta realidat awor. Por lo pronto nos lo tin ku sigui dil ku tur e miyares di estranheronan ‘fèrfelu’ bibando den sentenares di paisnan straño den eksterior.


Ku otro palabra, nos mester di un Ofisina pa Relashonnan Eksterior – ORE.


Awor, kon nos por organisá esaki pa e Union Nobo di Aruba, Kòrsou y Boneiru? Tin dos problema. Na promé lugá, art. 3, insiso 1, sub b di Statüt ta bisa klaramente ku Hulanda (den teoria: ‘Reino’) ta enkargá ku relashonnan eksterior. Esei ta kuadra ku e sistema federal, pasobra den un federashon e poder nashonal ta hèndel relashonnan eksterior


Na di dos lugá, un archipiélago no por forma union konstitushonal ku un solo isla na kabes. E motibu ta ku kada isla ta kere ku e ta un imperio riba su mes. Esei tin su rais den e instinto teritorial. P’esei, kada imperio isleño mester haña su propio Ofisina pa Relashonnan Eksterior (‘ORE’).


Kon por solushoná e dos problemanan aki na un manera balansá?


Ban tackle e di dos problema promé. Nos propio eksperensia amargo a siña nos ku koperashon entre islanan ta faktibel solamente, 1) si e ta basá riba e prinsipio di soberania isleño, 2) si e ta boluntario y 3) si e ta produsí benefisio mutuo. P’esei, kada isla mester tin su propio ORE. No ta nesesario pa e ta grandi. Sufisiente ta si e tin sikiera un spesialista den Relashonnan Eksterior lokal, nombrá pa e gobièrnu isleño.


Pa solushoná e promé problema, nos ta sugirí pa e tres islanan huntu ku Hulanda lanta un Ofisina pa Relashonnan Eksterior Kordinativo (‘OREK’) y establesé esei na Kòrsou den e ofisina di e Senado Harmonisante. E OREK aki ta pèrkurá ku e relashonnan y akuerdonan entre e islanan individual ku paisnan den eksterior lo no afektá e interes nashonal di Reino, ni e interes di e otro islanan individual.


Naturalmente, Reino Hulandes (komo poder nashonal) lo dirigí e OREK. Pero pa Region Karibeño, Reino lo mester dirigí’é for di Kòrsou. Kada isla ta manda un representante na e OREK, di moda ku tur isla semper lo keda bon informá. Asina kada isla por hasi máksimo uso di e OREK.


Pa e islanan esaki ta nifiká ku kada unu ta liber pa hiba relashonnan eksterior manera e ta deseá. Sin embargo, promé ku tratado- y akuerdo-nan entre e islanan y paisnan eksterior por mara un of mas di e islanan, e OREK tin ku aprobá esakinan. E OREK tambe ta lista e paisnan ku e islanan no por tin kontakto kuné sin pèrmit previo di Hulanda.


E sistema aki no solamente ta benefisioso pa tantu Hulanda komo e islanan, e tambe ta konforme e doktrina federal di soberania dual. Di e forma aki Hulanda lo tin un presensia permanente y direkto den Karibe, Sur Amérika y Amérika Sentral, for di unda por tuma tur sorto di inisiativa (diplomátiko, komersial y otronan).


Asina e OREK por bira e punta di lansa di Reino Hulandes su Portal den nos Region. Tantu Hulanda komo e islanan lo benefisiá di esaki.


Pa hasi esaki, mester kambia Statüt. Anto aki nos por añadí ku henter Statüt mester wòrdu re-eksaminá pa determiná kua artíkulonan mester wòrdu adaptá of anulá pa krea un federashon koherente y konsistente entre Hulanda y nos islanan.


Awor nos por redaktá artíkulo 3, insiso 1, sub b) di Statüt:


Artíkulo 3, insiso 1

Sin perhuisio di otro stipulashonnan di Statüt, e siguiente asuntunan ta Asuntunan di Reino:

  1. relashonnan eksterior, ku pa e estadonan federal di Aruba, Kòrsou y San Martin lo wòrdu hibá for di e Ofisina pa Relashonnan Eksterior Kordinativo na Kòrsou, konforme reglanan stipulá den un Lei di Reino;


Komentario: No ta inkluí San Martin aki, pasobra no ta parse hopi efisiente  pa lanta un OREK apart na San Martin. Partisipashon di Boneiru den e OREK lo wòrdu reglá den e lei (Hulandes) ku lo konstituí Boneiru komo un Estado Federal Isleño.


Boneiru, 13 di novèmber 2022

Na nòmber di Fundashon ‘Golden Meand Society’,

Michiel Bijkerk, presidente


SERIES of 24 articles about our possible New Constitutional Structure




Sub-title: There are too Many Foreigners in the World


Eventually the world will have to go for Universal Brotherhood and Universal Spirituality. No more discrimination between humans on the basis of nationality nor religion.


Now, this may be just a pipe-dream, except that all the other dreams are worse. However, this dream is not yet. For the time being we will still have to deal with all those billions of weird foreigners living in hundreds of outlandish foreign countries.


In short, we will need a Foreign Relations Office (‘FRO’).


Now, how could we set this up for the New Union of Aruba, Kòrsou y Boneiru? There are two problems. First of all, the Kingdom Charter states clearly in art. 3, section 1, sub b, that Holland (in theory: ‘the Kingdom’) is in charge of foreign relations. This is as it should be in a federation.


Secondly, archipelagoes cannot form a constitutional union with one island at the top. This is because each island sees itself as an empire on its own. This is rooted in people’s natural territorial instinct. Therefore, each island-empire must have its own FRO.


How can these two problems be solved in a balanced way?


First the second problem. Our own rather bitter experience has taught us that co-operation among islands is feasible only, if it starts from island-sovereignty, is voluntary and serves mutual benefit. Therefore, each island must have its own FRO. It does not have to be big. It should be just big enough to house at least one local Foreign Relations specialist appointed by the island-government.


To solve the first problem, we suggest the three islands together with the Kingdom set up and maintain a Coordinative Foreign Relations Office (CFRO) in the Harmonizing Senate-House in Curaçao. This CFRO serves to make sure that relations and agreements between the individual islands with foreign countries will not be detrimental to the interests of the Kingdom, nor to the interests of the individual islands.


Obviously, the Kingdom runs the show in the CFRO. But for the Caribbean Region Holland should run the show from Curaçao. Each island sends one representative to the CFRO, so that all information is shared and that each island can make the best use of all the CFRO has to offer.


For the islands this means that each is free to engage in foreign relations as it sees fit. However, the CFRO has to approve any and all treaties or agreements with foreign countries before they can be binding on one or more of the islands. The CFRO also draws up a list of countries the islands are not to have foreign relations with without prior approval by Holland.


Such an arrangement is not only beneficial to both Holland and the islands. It is also completely compatible with the federal doctrine of dual sovereignty. This way Holland will have a permanent and direct presence in the Caribbean, South- and Central-America, from which all kinds initiatives (diplomatic, commercial and others) can be undertaken.


Thus the CFRO becomes the spearhead of Holland’s Portal in our Region. Both Holland and the islands will benefit from this.


To do this, the Kingdom Charter has to be amended. And here we may add that the whole Kingdom Charter should be critically re-examined to determine which articles must be amended or removed in order to create a coherent and consistent federation between Holland and our islands.


So now we can re-frame article 3, section 1, opening sentence and sub b) of the Kingdom Charter:


Article 3, section 1

Without prejudice to other provisions set out in the Kingdom Charter, the following subjects are Kingdom Affairs:

  1. foreign affairs, which for the federal states of Aruba, Curaçao and St. Martin shall be conducted from the Coordinative Foreign Relations Office in Curaçao in conformity with the provisions stipulated by Kingdom Law;

Comment: We include St. Martin here, because it seems not to be very efficient to set up a separate CFRO in St. Martin. Bonaire’s participation in the CFRO will be regulated in the (Dutch) law constituting Bonaire as a Federal Island State.


Bonaire, 13 November 2022

On behalf of Foundation ‘Golden Meand Society'(GMS)

Michiel Bijkerk, president


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