Young officers participate “Beat The Marines challenge”

With the goal of improving cooperation between different organizations on St. Maarten and bringing the community much closer to the police, a small group of officers participated in the weekend “Beat The Marines challenge” and finished in 5th place. At the end of the day, the young officers did well and put on a good show.


The management team of KPSM would like to take this opportunity to thank the Marines for their invitation and also to commend the young officers for their taking part.



Introducing the (one) of the New community officers  Miss J.J. Jones

In the interest of better serving the community of Sint Maarten after a considerable length of time the police force of Sint Maarten has expanded their group of community officers with 4 new community police officers.


During the coming weeks and months these new police officers will be introduced to the community of Sint Marten and the neighborhoods they are assigned to.

Throughout this coming period these police officers will be trained for this important function.


These new district officers have  each selected several projects for their phase of introduction which should have a positive effect on their neighborhood.

One newly appointed district officer of district 4 (cay Hill Bel-Air and Fort William and surroundings) namely  Officer J.J.Jones has taken as her initial project the illegal use of the public road as a storage for abandoned vehicles.

Placing and abandoning vehicles along narrow roads and side streets interferes with free movement of traffic while also making it hazardous for emergency vehicles to access certain parts of the community.

Utility companies have also pointed out a significant inconvenience to works due to improperly parked and/or abandoned vehicles on public roads.


Parking or leaving abandoned vehicles on the public road is against the law and can result in a fine and the possibility of the vehicle being towed away at the owner’s expense.


Vehicle owners must also consider that these vehicle left randomly by the roadside provides a negative image of the neighborhood.




Cops and Kids kicks of at the  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. school


Students attending Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. school in Dutch Quarter last week also started participating in the Cops Kids Program.


Pupils of Group 8 can pose questions to the officers in the  “ One on One segment. This component of the program allows pupils two weeks to write questions, anonymously if they wish, about the CPOs, their tasks, lives and everything in general.

Management of the Police Force of St. Maarten KPSM thanks the school board for embracing the program.


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