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SERIE di 24 artíkulo tokante un posibel Struktura Estatal Nobo

Título di e buki: IN SYNERGIA UNANIMUS


Sub-título: Loke nos No mester hasi


No ansha. No tin prueba ainda ku tin reservanan mineral eksplotabel den nos propio ZEE. Pues awor no tin sentido pa pleita over di esei entre nos islanan. Y, komo sea, e ZEE-fronteranan entre Aruba, Kòrsou y Boneiru ya a keda marká kaba (cf. e mapa). Pues si ta deskubrí reservanan mineral den futuro, ta fásil pa determiná kua isla ta doño di nan.


Pues, no ta prudente pa nos tres islanan reuní awor y yega na un akuerdo kiko nos lo hasi si mañan sí ta deskubrí reservanan?


Bueno, Boneiru lo mester bira un Estado Federal Isleño promé. Pero kiko nos ta hasi despues?


Nos ta sugirí lo siguiente. Si ta deskubrí reservanan den un di nos tres ‘ZEE’-nan, nos ta palabrá for di awor ku kualkier invershon nesesario lo wòrdu pagá dor di e 3 islanan huntu, kada isla kontribuyendo den proporshon di grandura di su poblashon. Y ku entradanan neto ta bai na kada isla den mesun proporshon.


Anto e ora ei e pregunta ta: kende tin derecho di risibí e entradanan neto ei? E tres gobièrnunan? Dikon? Dikon no paga direktamente na tur siudadanonan adulto di e 3 islanan? After all, ken ta doño di e reservanan aki?


Nos ta bisa: e pueblo! Den un demokrasia gobièrnu t’ei pa sirbi pueblo, no al reves. Den un demokrasia serio e pueblo ta doño di tur tereno públiko y tur rekursonan. Pueblo ta paga gobièrnu pa ordená e sosiedat, pa mantené pas y pa manehá tur tereno públiko y rekursonan pa pueblo. Pues e entradanan neto di e rekursonan aki mester bai na e pueblo. Y ta hustu ku e pueblo tin ku paga un porsentahe razonabel di e entradanan aki na gobièrnu pa su trabou balioso. Nos ta proponé 10%. No mas, pasobra pueblo ta paga yen otro sorto di impuesto kaba.


E kontra-argumento ku gobièrnu ta paga e invershon y ku p’esei e tin derecho di risibí e entradanan, ta nònsèns. Pasobra gobièrnu ta finansiá e invershon, sea ku sèn di impuesto (ku pueblo a paga) of ku fiansanan bankario (ku pueblo lo re-paga ku impuesto y/of e entradanan bruto di e ekstrakshon y eksplotashon di e rekursonan mineral). Pues e fli ei no ta subi.


Ta importante pa realisá ku ta hopi kostoso y difísil pa eksplotá rekursonan marítimo. Nos islanan no tin e konosementu ni e eksperensia den e ramo aki. P’esei nos ta puntra: lo no ta mas fásil y mas sabí pa nos hasi esaki huntu ku partnernan ku sí sa kon pa hasi’é?


Pues, dikon no djòin forsa ku Shell? Of NAM? Of otro kompania Hulandes ku tin eksperensia den e trabou aki? E islanan por invitá un di nan pa forma un konsorsio kuné. Dikon un kompania Hulandes? Bon, na promé lugá, dikon nò? Nos tur tres ta forma parti integral di Reino. Pero na di dos lugá, Hulanda tin forsa y ekspertisio internashonal. Hulanda lo defendé su propio y nos interesnan mihó ku kualkier kompania di afó.


Pero nos tambe tin ku tene kuenta ku Venezuela. Venezuela ta saka asina tantu entrada di su rekursonan natural, ku nan a bira hopi yalurs di nan. Y ta komprendibel. Pasobra na 2015 Venezuela ta’tin 30 mion di hende pa kuida. Despues el a baha te na 28 mion, of hasta ménos, debí na emi-grashon masal pa motibu di polítika imprudente.  Pero e 28 mion ta basta miserabel awor aki. Nan mester di ayudo y nos mester di amigunan.


Pues nos mester buska amistat ku Venezuela. Komprondé nan situashon. No ta nesesario pa bai di akuerdo ku nan polítika, pero Venezolanonan ta keda nos bisiña. Anto nos ta gana muchu mas si nos ta dil ku bisiñanan amikal ku enemikal. Pues nos ta sugirí  pa inkluí un kompania Venezolano den e konsorsio tambe. Kompartiendo nos rikesa ku nos bisiña, ta e mihó manera pa evitá pleitunan tokante nos derecho di eksplotashon.


Pues nos ta sugirí un konsorsio entre 1) e Pueblo di Aruba, Kòrsou y Boneiru, 2) Hulanda y 3) Venezuela. Kada unu ta invertí 33.3% y lo risibí 33.3% di e entradanan neto. Un berdadero ‘dream team’, of nò?


Modestia y amistat lo garantisá Pas y Prosperidat.


Loke nos NO mester hasi, ta kue kentura di oro. Purba tene tur kos pa nos mes. Tende di tur sorto di ‘peritonan’ ku ta sali manera vruminga for di bou di kada piedra. Bira sosio ku algun kompania froudulente di BVI of Panamá. Y, last but not least, tira un bon kantidat di korupshon lokal den e sòpi bruá aki.


Esei ta loke nos NO mester hasi.


Boneiru, 24 di dezèmber 2022

Na nòmber di Fundashon ‘Golden Meand Society’,

Michiel Bijkerk, presidente




SERIES of 24 articles about a possible New Constitutional Structure



Sub-title: What we should Not do

We can take it eezy. There are no known exploitable mineral reserves in our own EEZ. So there is no reezon for any dispute between our islands. And, anyway, the EEZ-borders between Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire have already been marked (cf. map). So, if any mineral reserves are found in the future, we can eezily determine to which island they belong.


So then, would it not be wise, for the three of us to come together now and agree what we would do if any reserves were found in future?


Okay, Bonaire would have to become a Federal Island State first. But what should we do next?


We submit the following. If any exploitable reserves are found in any one of the three islands’ EEZ-es, we agree as of now that any investment would be paid for by the 3 islands together, each contributing in proportion to its population-size. And that any net-revenues would accrue to each island in the same proportion.


And then the question arises as to whom precisely such net-revenues should accrue? To the three governments? Why? Why not directly to all adult citizens of the 3 islands? After all, who really owns these reserves?


We say: the people! In a democracy the government serves the people, not the other way around. In a serious democracy the people own all public land and resources. The people pay their government to order society, to keep the peace and to manage all public land and (sea) resources for them. So the net-revenues belong to the people. And it is only fair that the people pay a reasonable percentage of these revenues to their government for the valuable work it does. We propose 10%. Not more, for the people pay all kinds of other taxes already.


Now, the counter-argument that the government pays for the invest-ment and that, therefore, it should receive the revenues, is nonsense. Because the investment would either be financed by tax-revenues (paid by the people) or by taking out bank-loans (which will be repaid out of the gross exploitation-revenues). So this is a non-argument.


And we submit a second point. It is very expensive and difficult to exploit (deep-)sea resources. Our islands do not have the know-how nor any experience in this field. Would it, therefore, not be EEZ-ier and wiser even, to engage with partners who really do know?


So, yeah, why not join forces with Shell? Or NAM? Or any other Dutch experienced company in the business? The islands invite one of these to form a consortium with. Why a Dutch company? Well, first of all, why not? We all three form an integral part of the Kingdom. But secondly, Holland has international clout and expertise. Holland would defend its own and our interests better than any foreign company.


But we also have to deal with Venezuela. Venezuela derives so much income from natural resources that it is very jealous of them. And understandably so. After all, in 2015 Venezuela had 30 million people to look after. Thereafter it declined to 28 million, or even less, due to mass-migration as a result of unwise politics. But these 28 million are pretty miserable right now. They need help and we need friends.


So we should befriend Venezuela. Understand their situation. We don’t have to agree with their politics, but Venezuelans are still our neighbors. And we gain much more when we deal with friendly neighbors than with enemies. So we suggest to include a Venezuelan company in the consor-tium as well. Sharing our riches with our neighbor is the best way to avoid disputes about our exploitation rights.


So we suggest a consortium between 1) the People of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, 2) Holland and 3) Venezuela. Each 33.3% in investment costs and revenues. A ‘dream team’, don’t you think?


Modesty and friendship will guarantee Peace and Prosperity.


What we should Not do, is catch gold-fever. Try and keep everything for ourselves. Listen to all kinds of ‘experts’ crawling out from under every stone. Team up with a few BVI or Panamanean con-companies. And, last but not least, add a good portion of local corruption into the mix.


That is what we should Not do.


Bonaire, 24 December 2022

On behalf of Foundation ‘Golden Meand Society’ (GMS)

Michiel Bijkerk, president



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