From:  Acting head of communication Department

Inspector E.S Josepha                                                                 January 5th 2023


Forfieted Scooter left at the  at the police station in phlipsburg being crushed                                     

In the past few years, the St. Maarten police have taken several scooters and had them  impounded due to non-compliance with the technical requirements stipulated by  law.


On several requests were issued in the press for the owners of these scooter to retrieve them with the necessary documentation.


However, with the exception of a few owners, not many collected their scooters with the consequence that these remaining scooters were forfeited.


Therefore the Government of St. Maarten has decided that the forfeited scooters would be handed over to a company to be crushed.


For those owners who have the distinct impression that their scooter may still be in the possession of the police, they can come to the police station and make contact with the team leaders and provide them with the necessary documentation.


Community officers of Col-Bay, Simpsonbay and Lowlands are teaming up


As part of providing better service to the community on the other side of the hill (Cole-Bay, Simpson-Bay and Lowlands), the Cole-Bay community officer, Ms. Shawn Crispulo, recently decided to partner up with the new Simpson-bay and Low Lands community officers, Sheron Richardson and John Boyrard, to jointly work on the welfare of their various districts.


Incoming community police officer Sheron Richardson has chosen, improving street lighting in the Simpson-bay area as his first project.


After completing a brief analysis in partnership with GEBE personnel, a scan was conducted of the street lighting in Simpson-Bay. Following the scan, the GEBE team responded quickly by either repairing or replacing the lighting in the Kimsha parking lot.


This is the initial phase of the lighting project being undertaken by the Simpson-bay community officer and GEBE.


The community of Simpson-bay has been requested to provide the community officer with information regarding damaged or malfunctioning lighting in Simpson-bay and the surrounding area.

KPSM takes this opportunity to thank the personell of GEBE for their input  in this project.



Sheron Richardson New  Community officer of Simpson-bay



Police are currently investigating an incident at the A.C Warthey Cruis facilities .


The St. Maarten Police Force had learnt of an incident that occurred on January 04, 2023 involving a fight that had taken place at the Cruise Facilities where a security guard allegedly fought with a tourist.


Additionally, police have also obtained and are analyzing the Video circulating on social Media of this incident.


On January 05, 2023, the security guard with the initials D.T who was engaged in the brawl reported to the Philipsburg police station and was detained for further investigation following consultation with the prosecutor.  The cause for the fight is so far not clear. The investigation is still ongoing.



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