Government of Sint Maarten **Prime Minister pledges support of NGOs**

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maartenโ€” on Friday, February 24, Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs, Ms. Silveria Jacobs attended and spoke a few words of introduction at the commencement of the three-day NPOwer Conference.
Following a moving message from His Excellency Governor Ajamu Baly, keynote speaker, Dr. Bonnie Benesh, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of the Think To DO Institute, gave an inspiring speech on the importance of NGOs and the roles of connectivity and inspiration.
In her speech, Prime Minister Jacobs referred to NGOs as the circulatory system to the role of head that the Government plays in community building. Following her address to the NGOโ€™s, the Prime Minister pledged to support the organizations by offering her services speaking at requested engagements and an informational exchange.
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