Willemstad, 6 di Mart 2023 – Quota Club a bin ta kontribuí na nos komunidat pa algun aña kontinuo ku e klup su kampaña pa oumentá e konsenshi pa nos kuida nos orea durante karnaval.

CIBC FirstCaribbean ta rekonosé e ekselente kontribushon na komunidat, banda di tur e otro proyektonan ku e klup di servisio ta hasi pa komunidat i su miembronan. CIBC FirstCaribbean a honra e klup di servisio na okashon di Dia Internashonal di Hende Muhé, dor di hasi un kontribushon na e klup di servisio.

Quota Club ta un klup di servisio ku a keda lantá na aña 1987. E ta konsistí di hende muhé profeshonal ku ta dediká nan mes na desaroyo di komunidat i su miembronan. E klup ta konsistí di 21 miembro na e momentu aki i alabes e klup tin un kapítulo hubenil.

Durante periodo di karnaval Quota Club ta parti tapa orea pornada na gruponan ku ta partisipá na marcha hubenil i parada di tiner, i tambe na kuerponan uniformá. Durante di e periodo por nota Quota Club tambe na varios emisora i kanal di televishon den programanan pa informá komunidat di e konsekuensha di músika muchu duru.

E klup a distribuí e buki “Knoop het goed in je oren” na skolnan durante e último 3 añanan.  Meta di esaki ta pa krea mas konsenshi pa kuida nos orea bou di nos hobennan. Quota Club, banda di parti tapa orea, a parti tambe e buki aki durante di e último temporada di karnaval.

Timba Engelhardt, Country Head di CIBC FirstCaribbean a bisa “CIBC FirstCaribbean ta honra i ta pone lus riba e tremendo kontribushon ku Quota Club ta hasi na bienestar di nos komunidat.  E klup di serivisio, banda di desaroyo di su miembronan, a duna un kontribushon notabel, pa medio di varios proyekto na desaroyo di nos komunidat.”

Engelhardt a aploudí e enfasis konsistente i kreashon di konsenshi pa nos protehá nos oreanan durante di nos selebrashon kultural mas importante, esta Karnaval. CIBC FirstCaribbean ke gradisí Quota Club pa nan tremendo trabou realisá durante di e último 35 añanan na bienestar di nos komunidat.




Willemstad March 6, 2023- The Quota Club has been a steady champion for the community of Curaçao during the carnival season with its campaign to increase awareness for the protection of our hearing.

CIBC FirstCaribbean recognizes this excellent contribution towards the community at large in addition to other projects the service club does for the community and its members. CIBC FirstCaribbean, on International Women’s Day, will honor the club’s service by making a contribution to them.

The Quota Club is a service club established in 1987, that consists of professional women dedicated to the development of our community and their fellow members. The club consists of 21 members at the moment and also has a junior chapter.

During the carnival period Quota Club hands out earplugs, free of charge, to the groups participating in the Children’s Carnival and the Teener Parade, as well as several groups of the uniformed forces. During this season the Quota Club can also be heard on various radio and tv programs informing the public about the consequences of loud music.

It has distributed the book “Knoop het goed in je oren” at schools during the last three years, with the objective of creating awareness among the youth. Along with the distribution of the earplugs during last carnival season, the Quota Club also distributed a copy of the book.

Timba Engelhardt, Country Head of CIBC FirstCaribbean said “CIBC FirstCaribbean honors and sheds light on the outstanding contribution made by the Quota Club towards the well-being of our community. The service club, next to the development of its members, has dearly contributed, through various projects, to the development of our community”.

She praised the club’s “consistent emphasis and creation of awareness for the protection of our ears during our most important cultural celebration, Carnival. CIBC FirstCaribbean would like to show our gratitude to Quota Club in light of the marvelous job done over the last 35 years, in the enrichment of the well-being of our community.”


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