Police actions continue.

Police actions continue.

The special operations team of KPSM are conducting more safety controls in anticipation of the coming carnival season.


Throughout these coordinated actions that focused on technical aspects of vehicles, violations of drugs, firearms and weapons laws, a number of vehicles and persons were stopped and controlled.

During the past week, the team pulled over 137 vehicles in total while also stopping and controlling 36 individuals in connection with narcotics.  A total of 56 drivers were pulled over for driving with dark windows.


The team also carried out controls in the surroundings of schools and supermarkets throughout the island.


Actions of this kind are being held daily related to the general safety and security of the island of Sint Maarten. Motorists are requested to have their vehicle document with them.



Police seek assistance in connection with the vandalization of car windows on the parking lot along the Nisbeth road.


The St. Maarten Police are currently investigating two incidents in which several car windows were smashed in the parking lot located along Nisbeth road.


The smashing of the windscreens is said to have taken place on Wednesday, March 08 and Friday, March 10 2023

Personnel of the detective department have taken a total of 9 complaints of vandalism of car windows last week and it is suspected that several other cars were damaged by the suspects.


A request is issued to persons whose vehicle windows were smashed or damaged to make a report to the detective department. At the same time the police are sending out a request to the persons who may have witnessed these incidents to please get in contact with the police station.


If you have any information about the afore-mentioned incident you can contact the detective department at the number 54-22222 extension 175,176,177,106 or call the anonymous tip line at the number 9300 and leave your information.

Help us to help you”








Two men were wounded during a shooting incident on Ginger road on Sunday night March 10, 2023


Special Unit Robberies personnel are currently investigating a bizarre incident where two persons were shot in the leg on Ginger road.


On Friday night March 10, 2023 approximately 10:40 p.m. police received a call that two men were brought to the St. Martin Medical center suffering from gunshot wounds .

Personnel from the detective department were dispatched to the hospital but were unable to interview the victims as they were undergoing treatment.


Detectives were also sent to the hospital but were not able to interview the victims as they were undergoing treatment. Within the last few days, police determined that the victims proceeded to sell a scooter to the alleged suspect and were robbed and shot during the interaction. There injuries are not live driving .


An appeal goes out to the public to exercise caution when buying or selling goods over social media platforms . it has occurred several times that persons have become victims during the course of buying or selling goods with individuals they met through the online Platforms.


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