Pa Prome bia Korsou lo disfruta di e fenomeno nobo den deporte “Baseball5”.

Pa Prome bia Korsou lo disfruta di e fenomeno nobo den deporte “Baseball5”.
Durante wikènt di 1 i 2 di aprel lo tuma luga e torneo Baseball5 yamá Curaçao Open Baseball5 Championship. Inskripshon ta habrí pa tur persona i ekipo ku ke partisipá.

Baseball5 ta un vershon urbano di beisbòl ku ta wordu hungá riba speed, ku un bala di rubber i ta rekerí di tiki material kual ta hasi e deporte aki fasil i aksesibel pa un i tur.

Ekiponan formá dor di 5-8 hungado, konsistiendo di un mix di hungado maskulino i femenino, lo por demonstrá nan abilidat den bateo, fildeo i korementu di base.

Inskripshon ta kosta solamente ANG 50 pa ekipo. E ekipo ganadó lo risibi un premio di 500 ANG, mientras e di dos luga lo risibi un premio di ANG 100.

Tur kos ta indika ku e wikènt aki lo bira unu eksitante pa tur partisipante i bishitante.
Lo bai tin bar i kushina bon di stock pa partisipante i bishitante disfrutá durante e wikènt aki. Ta verwagt un torneo ku kompetensia fuerte i ku hopi partido eksitante.
Ahinda tin espasio pa persona i ekiponan ku ke partisipa/

Bishita nos pagina nan social pa registrashon of pa mas informashon:

IG @baseball5_curacao

FB Baseball 5 Curaçao



The first-ever Curaçao Open Baseball5 Championship is set to take place on April 1st and 2nd at the International School of Curaçao. The tournament is open to all teams, with registration now open.

Baseball5 is a fast-paced, urban version of baseball that is played with a rubber ball and requires only a few pieces of equipment, making it accessible and easy to play for everyone. Teams of 5-8 players, including mixed genders, will showcase their skills in hitting, fielding, and baserunning.

To enter the championship, teams must pay a sign-up fee of 50 ANG. The winning team will receive a prize of 500 ANG, while the runner-up teams will receive 100 ANG.

The tournament promises to be a fun-filled weekend for all participants and spectators, with food and refreshments available throughout the event. The games and competition is expected to be very high and exciting.

To register your team or for more information, please check out our social media pages:

IG @baseball5_curacao

FB Baseball 5 Curaçao


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