Minister di Hustisia ta prohibí Rich Kalashh di por presentá despues ku polis a hasi un background check 

Minister di Hustisia Anna Richardson a informá St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) riba 14 di aprel pa medio di un karta ekstenso ku e konosido artista Rich Kalashh no ta permití di presentá durante e anochi internashonal di Hip Hop stipulá pa dia 21 di aprel 2023 pa motibu di un investigashon pa kuerpo polisial di Sint Maarten KPSM.
E karta di Minister di Hustisia ta lo siguiente.
“Mi ta skibiendo bo komo reakshon riba e petishon hasí día 7 di februari 2023, pa St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) pa pèrmitnan di por tene shete show internashonal, ku ta inkluí un anochi di Hip Hop i R&B riba djabièrnè 21 di aprel 2023, na Jocelyn Arndetl Festival Village (despues referí komo: Festival Village).
Na momentu ku a entregá e petishon, e lista di artistanan ku lo presentá na e evento no a keda komuniká. E lineup kompletu a keda revelá na mart 2023. Manera ta e kaso ku tur petishon pa permit ku por afektá seguridat publiko, kuerpo polisial di Sint Maarten KPSM a hasi un análisis di risiko i seguridat di e anochi di Hip Hop i R&B. E resultado di e investigashon aki ta un konseho negativo ku a keda duná na KPSM pa loke ta trata e presentashon di e artista Rich Kalashh, tambe konosí komo sr. Errich Sigmar Cristo na Sint Maarten, ” segun sra. Richardson ta duna di konosé den su karta.
E ta kontinuá “Mas na komienso di e aña aki, outoridatnan di Kòrsou a nenga pèrmit pa Rich Kalashh por a presentá na Kòrsou pa motibunan di preokupashon pa seguridat. Nos ta konsiente di insidentenan anterior ku tin di haber ku e rapper aki ku a kondusí na situashonnan hopi peligroso ku tabata tin uso di armanan di kandela envolví i varios persona ku a keda heridá. De fakto, un organisashon internashonal di polis  a konsehá kontra di pèrmití e artista presentá na Kòrsou. E desishon di e outoridatnan di Kòrsou a keda tumá en parte basá riba e informashon aki. Ta bal hasi menshon ku otro paísnan manera Aruba, Hulanda i Spaña tambe a nenga pèrmitnan pa presentashon di Rich Kalash.
Di akuerdo ku su kompromiso pa mantené orden publiko i seguridat, Ministerio di Hustisia ta tene na kuenta kualke señal ku tin di haber ku risikonan potensial pa e komunidat di Sint Maarten ku e nivel di mas haltu di seriedat. Konsiderando tur informashon disponibel di Rich Kalashh, di kual algun di nan a keda kompartí ku bo, a keda determiná ku e petishon pa e presentashon dia 21 di aprel 2023 o kualke otro fecha durante e temporada di Karnaval aki, ta kontené un menasa potensial riba e seguridat di e evento i esnan ku ta asistí i komo tal no por tuma lugá. Aprobashon i konsekuentemente e pèrmit pa e anochi di Hip Hop i R&B riba 21 di aprel 2023, den Festival Village, lo keda otorgá bou di e siguiente promé kondishon ku ta ku Rich Kalash lo no presentá durante e evento aki.
Further, I have been informed that there are other artists in the line-up of the event on April 21, 2023, due to their music genre i.e. gangster rap and or trap music and or drill music which often glorify violence, and drug use, have the potential to incite violent or unruly behavior among some attendees. There are two artists in particular in the lineup that hail from Sint Maarten namely Pharoah G and Trixta Savage of which it is known that they have an ongoing feud and therefore pose a security risk. You are requested to ensure that these two rappers and their entourages are kept away from each other during the event and shall not be allowed on stage or backstage while either one is performing. This and other specific conditions for the event will be imposed to minimize the possible risks to public order.
As the applicant for the permit – together with the promotor – you will ensure that any of the artists that have a feud with each other will not meet each other at the event and will directly leave the event (and) after their performance. It is deemed relevant to emphasize that as the holder of the permit SCDF – together with the promotor – is responsible for the safety of those present at the event. You should therefore take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the visitors to your event. With the recent shooting incidents at Kimsha Beach and Mullet Bay Beach, it is of great importance that the responsibility of visitors to events is taken highly seriously and that these conditions imposed by the Ministry of Justice will be strictly observed. Needless to say, all instructions from KPSM to maintain public order and public safety must be fully adhered to at all times.
To ensure that the promotor of the Hip Hop and R&B Night on April 21, 2023, is fully informed of the conditions attached to the granting of the permit, I request that you share a copy of this letter with the organizer as soon as possible. As a recovering tourist destination, and with Carnival being one of the country’s flagship events that bring people from near and far to Sint Maarten, we cannot afford any incidents that could potentially damage the image of the island and would lead to the conclusion that the safety of guests is not guaranteed during big events, such as Carnival.
I recognize that there may be some disappointment with SCDF and or the promotor of the event with the decision not to allow Rich Kalashh to perform and with including certain conditions to the event permit. However, I would hope that everyone can understand that these decisions were made with the safety and well-being of all attendees as the top priority and that the measures taken are necessary to ensure that the event can proceed safely and successfully.

In closing, wish to reiterate that the practice of promoting performances of artists for shows on Sint Maarten without receiving the necessary permits must be discontinued immediately. For future events, you are urged to provide the line-up of artists in a timely manner so that the relevant authorities can conduct a risk and safety analysis in advance and inform you of the outcome. Promotors and SCDF should refrain from advertising their event and selling tickets until an event permit is issued by the Minister of Justice,” stated the minister on April 14, 2023.



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