Government of Sint Maarten ** Prime Minister Silveria E. Jacobs **

Day 1 of the Caribbean Climate & Energy Conference:
“Today was an inspiring day filled with productive discussions. Through lobbying internationally, and within the Kingdom context, over the last two years, Sint Maarten has gained a strong voice for SIDS and sustainable development in the Caribbean.
Thank you to Evelyn Wever-Croes, Minister President and Minister of Energy and Climate Rob Jetten for hosting this Caribbean Energy and Climate conference. I am elated that within the Kingdom, the Netherlands is continuing to collaborate with the islands and countries in the Caribbean by taking the necessary steps to achieve the climate goals and SDGs.
Thank you to my support staff for the dedication and commitment to prepare for and participate in this CCEC. A special thank you to those who were unable to travel yet provided key support, insight and information. Pictured are legal policy advisor in the cabinet Ayana Tyrell, Sr. Policy Advisor of ETT/Energy Workgoup member Jessica Rogers and Sr. Policy Advisor DBB Rogelio Voges.
“I am excited to see what the next few days hold for the future of Sint Maarten, the Caribbean and the Kingdom as it relates to climate adaptation, mitigation and education as well as the transition to renewable energy and how we can help each other to achieve the goals for the benefit of our people. In keeping with SDG17 – Let us continue to partner for the Goals!” Prime Minister stated.
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