Government of Sint Maarten ** Prime Minister Silveria E. Jacobs **

Day 2 of the Caribbean Climate and Energy Conference saw a shift in focus to international matters, during which a broad panel of countries, organizations and development banks discussed the climate action that is needed for small islands worldwide.
Prime Minister Jacobs had the honor of chairing the panel on the Just Energy transition.
Some of the main takeaways discussed were achieving a just energy transition for small islands requires a comprehensive approach that addresses financial, infrastructure, and inclusivity challenges. It demands enhanced planning capabilities, an overall paradigm shift , and an unified renewable/sustainable strategy. We must engage stakeholders, empower communities, and strengthen regional institutions to ensure a coordinated and inclusive transition. By embracing renewable energy, developing proper frameworks, and seizing opportunities together, we can create a sustainable future for all.
Prime Minister Jacobs indicated that we must embark on this transformative journey towards a just energy transition, where resilience, prosperity, and a cleaner, greener future are within reach. St. Maarten looks forward to us following up on the discussions that were had together as a Caribbean region, but more importantly as one strong and committed Caribbean family.
Prime Minister Jacobs also represented St. Maarten during two following panel discussion on Financing Climate Action and Building Climate Resilient Ecosystems.
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