Turismo a produsí 397 mion florin durante e promé 5 lunanan di aña Hulanda i Estado Unídos ku resultado positivo den mei – 218 million US dollars generated from Tourism in the first five months Netherlands and USA achieved positive outcome in May

Turismo a produsí 397 mion florin durante e promé 5 lunanan di aña Hulanda i Estado Unídos ku resultado positivo den mei

WILLEMSTAD – 22 di yüni 2017 – Na komienso di e temporada abou den turismo, Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá kresementu den kantidat di turista di estadia for di Estado Unídos. Un total di 5.164 turista a keda registrá na mei, kual ta 16% mas kompará ku aña pasá. Esaki ta un kresementu di dos sifra. E merkado di Estado Unídos ta aktualmente e di dos merkado ku ta produsiendo mas pa industria di turismo. Na komienso di aña e sifranan pa loke ta trata e merkado di Estado Unídos tabata tambaliá, finalmente ta mirando ku e merkado ta kresiendo. Un total di 12.073 turista a keda risibí for di Hulanda esaki ta un kresementu di 8%. E echo ku e dos merkadonan ku ta produsiendo mas a registrá sifranan positivo na komienso di e temporada abou den turismo ta algu satisfaktorio. Manera ta konosí luna di mei ta tradishonalmente un luna abou pa loke ta trata kantidat di turista di estadia.

For di region di Nort Amérika un total di 5.813 turista a keda registrá kual ta un kresementu di 14% mas turista na luna di mei. Nort Amérika ta representá 20% di tur e turistanan ku a bishitá Kòrsou na luna di mei. For di Europa a registrá un kresementu di 5% ku un total di 14.914 europeo ku a bishitá Kòrsou. Europa ta representá 51% di e total di turista risibí na luna di mei. Pues mitar di e bishitantenan ta prosedente di Europa.

Un total di 29.198 turista di estadia a keda risibí na luna di mei kual ta un bahada di 6%, den sifranan apsoluto ta trata di 1.783 turista ménos. Aña pasá a registrá 30.981 turista na luna di mei. E motibu di e bahada den kantidat di turista ta debí na e echo ku Venezuela ku ta nos merkado number 3 den kantidat di turista ku ta bishitá nos pais ainda ta afektando nos sifranan total di turista di estadia. For di Venezuela un bahada di 44% a keda registrá den luna di mei. E merkadonan sekundario den Sur Amérika esta Brazil i Colombia a registrá respektivamente -38% i 2% na mei. Ecuador tambe ta mustrando kresementu. Aunke den sifranan apsoluto no ta trata ainda di un kantidat asina grandi di bishitante, por kuminsá mira si e resultadonan positivo di e esfuersonan di CTB pa konsientisá operadornan di tour na Ecuador riba e produkto ku Kòrsou ta ofresé.

Na luna di mei tambe a nota un kresementu den kantidat di anochi pa bishitante. E trènt ku bishitantenan ta kedando mas largu a kontinuá. Turistanan a keda un averahe di 8.6 anochi na mei. Aña pasá e kantidat averahe di anochi pa persona tabata 7.8. E kantidat di anochi ku e turista a keda riba nos pais na mei 2017 a konosé un subida di 3%. Un total di 250.808 anochi a keda registrá kompará ku 242.532 na aña pasá.

E relashon entre e kantidat di anochi pa persona i e kantidat di turista di estadia ta mustra ku maske a registrá ménos yegada di turista, e anochi pa kada persona ta mustra un resultado ménos negativo ora tuma nota di e impakto ekonómiko direkto for di industria di turismo.

Impakto ekonómiko, kantidat di turista i kantidat di anochi pa e promé 5 lunanan di 2017
Sifranan generá for di e modelo ‘Turistika’ ta mustra ku durante e promé 5 lunanan di 2017, sektor di turismo a generá un impakto direkto di 397 mion florin. Aña pasá e mesun montante a keda generá pa nos ekonomia lokal. Mas ku mitar di e impakto ekonómiko ta generá for di turistanan prosedente for di Europa. Ta trata aki di un total di 211 mion florin kual ta 53% di e totalidat. Nort Amérika, Sur Amérika i otro regionnan a generá respektivamente 98, 66 i 23 mion florin.

E kantidat ku e turista ta gasta ta keda derivá for di e kantidat di anochi ku el a keda riba nos pais. Impakto ekonómiko igual ta nifiká den e kaso aki ku e turistanan prosedente for di e dos regionnan ku ta produsí mas esta Europa i Nort Amérika ta kedando mas largu, pues nan ta gastando más ora nan ta riba nos pais. Aunke nos ta mira ku e sifra di kantidat di turista ta negativo tòg por konstatá ku e impakto direkto no a keda influensia pa esaki.

Un total di 173.469 turista di estadia a keda risibí durante e promé 5 lunanan di 2017. Aña pasá a registrá 196.005 turista di estadia durante e mesun periodo, esaki ta un bahada di 11%. Apesar di e prestashon negativo den sifranan di yegada pa loke ta trata e promé 5 lunanan di aña, tòg ta mira un kresementu den e kantidat di anochi ku e turista ta keda riba nos pais. Sifranan preliminar ta mustra un averahe total di 8.8 anochi pa bishitante durante e promé 5 lunanan di 2017 kompará ku 7.9 anochi na 2016. Un kresementu di 11% a keda registrá durante e promé 5 lunanan di 2017. Total turistanan a keda 1.531.727 anochi na Kòrsou. 63.1% di e kantidat total di anochi pa bishitante registrá ta di turistanan for di Europa, representando 967.198 anochi for di e region aki. E kantidat di anochi registrá pa turistanan for di Europa ta mustra un kresementu di 6%. For di Nort Amérika, e kantidat di anochi pa bishitante a krese ku 3%. Un total di 261.983 anochi a keda registrá durante e 5 promé lunanan di aña.

Document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8bmmf7ueyqu9kkm/May%202017%20Visitor%20Arrivals.pdf?dl=0

218 million US dollars generated from Tourism in the first five months Netherlands and USA achieved positive outcome in May

WILLEMSTAD –June 22nd, 2017

May Visitor Arrivals & Visitor Nights 2017

At the start of the tourism low season, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting a growth in visitor arrivals from the United States of America. In total 5,164 US visitors are registered in May, recording double digit growth of 16% compared to last year. The US market is currently the second producing market for Curaçao’s tourism industry. The tourism performance from the US market stumbled in the first months of 2017 and is finally showing favorable outcome. In the first place, The Netherlands recorded an 8% growth in May 2017. 12,073 Dutch visitors were counted this year in May. The fact that the top two producing countries achieved positive numbers in the start of the low season is satisfied. May, as we know, is traditionally one of the low season months and is generally characterized by a slowdown in visitor arrivals.

Out of the region North America, we see an increase of 14% more visitors in May 2017. In total 5,813 North American visitors is registered. North Americans represent 20% of all the visitors in May this year. The European region recorded an increase of 5% in May, counting a total of 14,914 Europeans to Curaçao. The market share in arrivals from Europe is currently 51%. In other words half of our visitors are Europeans.

In total we see year-on-year performance falling by 6%. Precisely, in total 1,783 fewer visitors were registered this month, bringing the total count to 29,198 visitors against 30,981 in the same month last year. The fall in arrivals is due to the fact that third producing country, Venezuela, is still affecting our overall arrivals performance. A decrease of 44% is registered from Venezuela in May 2017. The secondary markets in South America; Brazil and Colombia recorded respectively -38% and 2% in May 2017. Remarkable is the performance out of Ecuador, this growth does not represent much in absolute numbers; nonetheless CTB’s effort to educate tour operators in Ecuador about Curaçao is showing positive results.

May also noted favorable insights for the visitor nights. The trend that visitors are staying longer on island continues as we see that on average they stayed 8.6 nights in May. Last year the average nights per person was recorded at 7.8 nights. In terms of total visitor nights an increase of 3% is recorded in May 2017. A total of 250,808 visitor nights were registered compared to 242,532 last year.

The ratio between visitor nights and stayover arrivals shows that despite the fact we registered less stayover arrivals, the visitor nights are showing a less negative outcome in terms of the direct economic impact from the tourism industry.

Year to Date: Economic Impact, Visitor Arrivals and Visitor Nights

Data generated from the ‘Turistika Model’ shows that a direct impact of $ 218.0 million US dollars is generated for the local economy in the first five months of 2017. Last year, the direct impact generated the same amount of money for the local economy. At least half of the economic impact (53%) is generated from European visitors. European visitors are responsible for $ 115.7 million US dollars. The North American, South American and other regions generated respectively $ 53.7, $ 36.1 and $ 12.5 million US dollars.

The total spending per visitor derives from the number of nights spent on island. Equal economic impact means in this case that visitors from the top two producing regions, Europe and North America, are staying longer and thus are spending more money while on island. We might see an overall negative outcome in visitor arrivals; nonetheless the economic impact is not affected by the loss from overall arrivals.

In total 173,469 stayover visitors were welcomed in Curaçao in the first five months of 2017. Last year we counted 196,005 stayover visitors over the same period, a decrease of 11%. Despite the negative stayover arrivals performance during the first five months, we see an in increase in the average nights spent on island. The preliminary statistics show an overall average of 8.8 nights per visitor in the first five months of 2017 compared to 7.9 nights in 2016. An increase of 11% is registered during the first five months of 2017. In total visitors spent 1,531,727 nights in Curaçao. 63.1% of the visitors nights spent are from European visitors, representing 967,198 nights from the region. In total an increase of 6% visitor nights is registered from European visitors. From North America, the visitor nights increased by 3%. A total of 261,983 nights are registered in the first five months from this region.

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