Fly Allways for di Sürnam a inougurá buelo pa Kòrsou / “Coming Sunday Fly Allways start flights between Paramaribo and Curaçao

Fly Allways for di Sürnam a inougurá buelo pa Kòrsou

WILLEMSTAD- 25 di yüni 2017 – Entrante 25 di yüni, Fly Allways a kuminsá ku buelo 2 biaha pa siman riba djadumingu i djárason entre Sürnam i Kòrsou. Na yegada di e promé buelo a hiba palabra Minister di Desaroyo Ekonómiko, Dr. Steven Martina, Chief Commercial Officer di Fly Allways, sr. Masood Kazmi, Chief Commercial Officer di Curaçao Airport Partners, sra. Peggy Croes i CEO di CHATA, sr. Miles Mercera. Minister Martina a ekspresá su satisfakshon pa ku e buelo inougural di Fly Allways.

Riba e buelo inougural e crew di Fly Allways a keda kompañá pa diferente medio di komunikashon for di Sürnam ku a bini pa kubri e promé buelo pa Kòrsou. E buelo lo ser efektuá ku un Fokker 70 kual tin un kapasidat di 80 stul. Kòrsou a demostrá di ta un destinashon ideal pa vakashon pa turistanan for di Sürnam. E buelonan di Fly Allways sigur lo yuda pa asina trese mas tantu bishitante pa nos pais.

CTB, CAP i CHATA ta deseá Fly Allways tur kos bon ku e buelonan pa Kòrsou.

“Coming Sunday Fly Allways start flights between Paramaribo and Curaçao

Fly Allways is supporting local Press and Travel Agents in Suriname and Curacao to create general
awareness of the highlights of both destinations. Suriname and Curacao can develop and receive great
benefit from each characteristic for double destination Packages. Curacao for example is a Nr.1 destination
for beaches, Fun Sea and Sun and great for European travelers and agencies who are constant looking for
new products. This In combination with Suriname who is known for its lush Rainforest, tropical landscape
with his historical UNESCO capital Paramaribo, what is known for great variety of restaurants and shopping
for relative low prices, make both destinations an excellent partner for double destinations. Although
Suriname is not so developed in tourism as Curacao yet. With the effort of partnerships between CTB and
STS in combination with support of Fly Allways, a lot can be accomplished for the near future. The Press
and travel agents will be visiting the Island coming Sunday and going back on the scheduled flight of
Wednesday back to Suriname. Fly Allways will be launching twice weekly scheduled flights between
Paramaribo and Curaçao. After this press and Familiarization trip of 25th
– 28th more of those promotion
trips will be organized on monthly basis in combination with the partners of CTB , STS and Fly Allways.

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