Pre-trial detention T.H. extended by 30 days

Pre-trial detention T.H. extended by 30 days
Today, May 10 2019 the examining judge decided that the pre-trial detention of T.H. will be extended by 30 days.
The case against T.H. and three of his co-suspects will be treated in public on May 27 2019 for the first time. That will happen in the Courthouse in Sint Maarten.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office is strongly contradicting what has been said in some media that they opposed the transport of T.H. to a hospital.
If they had checked with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, they would have been told that the suspect – who was transferred to Point Blanche at his own request – like all suspects placed there, has access to the necessary medical care. If this involves an examination by a doctor outside the hospital, the suspect will be brought there. This is done in the same way for each suspect, that means in handcuffs. The director of the prison gives the order and not the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Until yesterday, the suspect has always indicated that he did not want to be transported in handcuffs.
Jacinto de Jesus

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