Sint Maarten Police ask for assistance in armed robber investigation.


Philipsburg, May 28th 2019

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON

                        POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Boat stranded on Mullet bay beach

On Sunday, May 26th 2019, at around 7:15 am, a call came in to the central dispatch regarding a boat that was stranded on the Mullet bay beach and that an unknown number of persons (men and women) were seen leaving the boat and walking towards the main road leading through Mullet bay. 

A police patrol was dispatched to Mullet bay to investigate the call. At the beach they found a sail boat that was unmanned. A search of the area was done and several bags containing personal were found and confiscated. The central dispatch was informed of their findings and requested the assistance of the Coast guard. The Coastguard came and inspected the boat which resulted in several other bags/luggage been found. The sail boat along with its contents was confiscated for further investigation. The sail boat was towed headquarters of Coast in Simpson bay for safe keeping. None of the persons arriving on the sail boat were located by the patrols.

In connection with this case the Human Trafficking/smuggling unit was called to conduct an investigation. The investigating team is requesting anyone who has seen what took place on Sunday morning or have any other information that can help to bring some clarity to this case the call the police department. The Human smuggling team can be reached at 54-22222 ext. 604/ 605/ 608/ 614, you can send us a private massage to the Police Force face book Page or you can call the Emergency line 911. Your assistance will be highly appreciated

Female arrested for embezzlement


A female identified with initials J.E.C. was arrested by the KPSM Fraud department on Monday May 28th suspected of forgery, embezzlement and embezzlement in employment. The suspect according to the report has forged documents and embezzled a considerable amount of monies belonging to a local school foundation. Representatives of this foundation found it necessary to file an official report with the department when, after numerous attempts, did not receive the monies that were in the suspect’s safe keeping.


Police ask for assistance in armed robber investigation.


In connection with the ongoing armed robbery investigation which took place on Thursday May 23rd at approximately 11:30 am at Mr. K supermarket on Sucker garden road, the Special Unit Robbery is requesting assistance from the community to locate the suspect responsible for this act. The suspect was dressed in a black hooded sweat shirt covering his head and armed with a gun. The suspect then fled on foot in the vicinity of the Guana Bay area. Based on information received a home search was conducted at a home in the Guana Bay area.

The information indicated that the suspect may have been hiding in a home; at which point necessary force was required to gain access to the home. The suspect was however not found in the home. This investigation is currently ongoing and the investigation team is requesting assistance from the community to identify the suspect from a still photo taken from a surveillance camera inside the supermarket. Your assistance will be highly appreciated. (See pic. attached)

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