SINT MAARTEN POLICE Man abducts child


Philipsburg, August 16th 2019

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON 


                         POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Man abducts child

On Friday August 16 at approximately 02.15 a.m. the man identified with initials R.P. who is the father of a one year old child went to the home of his child mother located on Back Street and took the child without the mothers consent. The mother identified with initials L.T. immediately notified the police department who immediately went on the scene to investigate what was taking place. After the mother informed the police of the situation she drove along with the police officers to Dutch Quarter in the “911 Project” where the suspect and child were found sitting in a car. The police officers made many attempts to communicate with the suspect in order for him to unlock the doors of the car so that they could retrieve the child but be refused.

The situation escalated to a point that there was no other choice for the officers, for the safety and well being of the child, than to break one on the windows of the car to gain access to the vehicle. The child was taken from the suspect and he was arrested on the spot. The suspect was then taken to the Philipsburg Police station where remains in custody for questioning and further investigation.

Suspect arrested

In connection with the break-in at Kangaroo Court of which a video-clip was publicized on several Social Media platforms, police have arrested the suspect identified as F.L. The suspect is well-know to police and was taken to the police head quarters where he remains in custody for further investigation.


Suspect threatens security guard with knife

A suspect identified with initials O.S.I.V. was arrested by police on Friday 16th at approximately 02.20 a.m. at Carolina Bar on the Soualiga Boulevard after he threatened the security guard with a knife and attempted to stab him. The cause of the incident was due to the refusal of the suspect to pay his bill for drinks he had at the bar. When the security guard spoke to the suspect the situation got out of hand at which time the suspect attacked the security guard with a knife.

The suspect was taken to the police headquarters where he remains in custody for questioning and further investigation.


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