IHTC a habri su portnan na Kòrsou (Hospitality i Turismo)

Willemstad, 2 Sèptèmber 2019


International Hospitality Tourism Management College (IHTC) a habri su portanan na Kòrsou pa yuda Kòrsou den su desaroyá den e parti di turismo i hospitality, mirando ku Kòrsou ta un destinashon hopi bishita ku hopi potensial. IHTC tin mas ku 2 dékada di eksperiensha den edukashon riba diferente nivel pa ku hospitalidat i turismo manera na Sürnam, Guyana i Jamaica. Mirando e desaroyonan rònt mundu riba e parti turístiko, IHTC ke brinda un kalidat haltu di enseñansa na komunidat di Kòrsou pa asina nos por sigui krese i sigui brinda un bon servisio na nos turistanan i pa Kòrsou bira mas rekomendá i bishita. Nos programa di edukashon i sertifikashon ta unu rekomendá i na nivel, den mas ku 80 diferente pais. 

IHTC na Kòrsou lo ofresé diferente kurso, programa i estudio riba bachelor niveau pero tambe lo traha programanan sigun e merkado ta pidi i tambe dirigí pa personanan individual of grupo. 

Mirando e akohida ku IHTC a haña na diferente pais, partnernan na Kòrsou i di e pèrsonanan ku a studia na IHTC, nos por bisa ku IHTC ta bon rekomendá dor di diferente stake holders kual algun establesé na Kòrsou.


Djaluna 2 di sèptèmber 2019, IHTC lo tin un anochi di informashon espesialmente pa studiantenan ku lo bai start, pa personanan ku lo ke duna lès i pueblo en general ku tin interes riba e área di hospitality i turismo. 

Orario: 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm

Soli Deo

Adres: Chuchibiweg 17


Pa mas informashon por yama libremente na: +5999 6764592 of +5999n 5400177. Nos emailadres: 


Willemstad, September 2nd 2019


IHTC opens its doors in Curaçao to help the community grow as a tourism destination. IHTC has almost two decades of experience, in hospitality and tourism education at various levels, in Suriname, Guyana, and Jamaica. 

Given the necessity of hospitality and tourism development in Curaçao, IHTC wants to contribute by offering quality education that will enable the Island to be a serious player in the global tourism industry.  By offering degree programs and certificates that are recognized in more than 80 countries, IHTC lives up to the international standards and requirements of today’s hospitality and tourism industry. 

In Curaçao IHTC will be offering courses from line-level, up to a Bsc degree, as well as programs tailored to the needs of individual businesses. Based on the reception that IHTC received, it is safe to say that IHTC is well recommended by various stakeholders on the Island.  


On 2 of September 2019 IHTC has an open house at Soli Deo at Chuchubiweg 17, from 6:00 pm till 9:00pm, to provide those who are interested with more detailed information but also for teachers who are interested in giving classes at IHTC.


For more information, please call +5999 6764592 of +5999n 5400177. Our email: 



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