Sint Maarten Police: Man arrested in possession of illegal narcotics. 


Philipsburg, October 1st  2019

From:  Inspector  E.S. Josepha


                         POLICE PRESS RELEASE


Man arrested in possession of illegal narcotics


On Monday September 30th 2019 during the morning hours the police patrols was directed to the Ebenezer area, to investigate a male who was suspected dealing in narcotics within the community. At the location the patrol came in contact with a male with the initials E.L.L who appeared to be acting oddly nervous when he was approached by the patrol officers.

After further investigation of the situation and his behavior, officers discovered that suspect E.L.L was in possession of bag containing a large quantity of illegal narcotics. The suspect was arrested and the narcotics that were in his possession  confiscated. This case is currently on going pending further investigation.

Supermarket robbery 

On Thursday September 30th 2019 the owner of a supermarket located in the area of W.J A Nisbeth road contacted the police for assistance after they were a victim of an armed robbery. The robbery took place during the evening hours at approximately 8:30 pm. 

According to the report received from the victims, two men brandishing firearms came into the establishment and managed to escape with the day’s earnings.  The two suspects fled the scene on foot in the direction of the Long Wall road. The Special Unit is busy with the investigation. Anyone with further details regarding the robbery are asked to contact the detectives department at 54.22222  or dial 911

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