SINT MAARTEN POLICE Couple arrested for stolen car 


Philipsburg, October 18, 2019

From:  Inspector E.S. Josepha

                            POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Couple arrested for stolen car 

In an ongoing investigation into car theft, the police arrested a man and women, on Thursday October 17th 2019 for being in position of a stolen vehicle.  During a police control, a few days earlier the police confiscated a jeep, whose VIN number has been tampered with. The jeep’s registered owner was summoned the police station in Philipsburg, which he did.  The male suspect with the initials K.J.C was immediately arrested and handed over to the detective department for questioning. After being questioned he was incarcerated pending further investigation. The girlfriend of the suspect was also arrested late that same evening. After giving a statement to the detectives, she was released. This investigation is still ongoing.   

Arrest made in the shooting in Dutch Quarter   

On early Friday morning October 18th 2019 the police arrested a male suspect in the ongoing investigation into the shooting that took place on the “Block” in Dutch Quarter.  More information about this investigation will be given in the future. 

   Task Force workshop


The newly formed task force ‘Combat School Fights’ held a workshop on Friday morning October 18th 2109, at the police station with the other stakeholders who are closely involved with education and youth services. During the workshop the following points where handled:

  • Reasons for school fights
  •  Consequences,
  •   Possible solutions

These points where worked out by the different groups and the information documented. The information that was gathered during the debates will be analyzed and work out in a report that can be presented to the different ministries as a discussion paper.  The workshop attendees where from: Local High schools, Prosecutors office, Truancy, Police department, Inspectorate of education, Court of Guardianship.


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