Okupashon di hotèl a baha den Novèmber 2019 kompará ku aña anterior / Hotel Occupancy in November 2019 decreases compared to previous year

Okupashon di hotèl a baha den Novèmber 2019 kompará ku aña anterior



Willemstad, 6 Novèmber 2020 – Sifranan preliminar di Novèmber 2019 ta indiká ku Kòrsou a registrá un okupashon di hotèl di 74.4%.


Kompará ku e mesun luna di e aña anterior (77.5%) esaki ta un bahada di 3.1 punto di porsentahe. Sinembargo, kompará ku e luna promé di e mesun aña (Òktober 2019: 66.3%) esaki ta un oumento di 8.1 punto di porsentahe.

E tarifa promedio diario (ADR) a baha ku 3.5% kompará ku 2018, di $137.47 pa $132.64 na 2019.

Pa loke ta trata e entrada pa kamber disponibel (RevPAR), sifranan ta indiká un bahada chikitu tambe di 7.3%. E entrada pa kamber disponibel na Novèmber 2018 tabata $106.47 i na 2019 ela baha bira $98.69.


Interpretando e prestashon di hotèl akí, ta importante pa tene na konsiderashon ku Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino tabata parsialmente den renobashon, Dreams Curaçao no tabata operashonal ahinda i tambe ku Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort a habri na mitar di luna, esta 14 di Novèmber 2019, pues no tabata operashonal pa e luna kompletu.


Sinembargo, teniendo kuenta ku e proyektonan ariba menshoná i tambe esnan planiá den aña 2020, nos por ta optimista riba un desaroyo positivo den nos sektor di turismo.


Sifranan di okupashon di hotel ta kolektá tur luna pa STR i ta basá riba 11-14 propiedat kual ta representá un total di 2500 kamber riba nos isla.

Hotel Occupancy in November 2019 decreases compared to previous year



Willemstad, 6 of January 2020 – Preliminary November 2019 figures show that Curacao had a hotel occupancy of 74.4%.


Compared to the same month of 2018 (77.5%) this is a decrease of 3.1 percentage points. Compared to the previous month of the same year (October 2019: 66.3%.), however, it’s an increase of 8.1 percentage points.

The average daily rate (ADR) decreased with 3.5% compared to 2018, from $137.47 to $132.64 in 2019. As for the revenue per available room (RevPAR), numbers also indicate a slight decrease of 7.3%. The revenue per available room in November 2018 was $106.47 and in 2019 decreased to $98.69.


Interpreting this hotel performance, it is important to take the following into consideration: The Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino was partially under construction and renovations, Dreams Curaçao was not operational yet and the Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort opened halfway through the month, on November 14th to be specific, and therefore did not operate for the full month.


Nonetheless, considering the above-mentioned projects as well as the ones planned in the year 2020, we can definitely be optimistic about a positive development within the tourism sector.


The data on hotel performance is collected monthly by STR. The figures are based on 11-14 properties which represent a total of 2500 rooms on the island.


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