Sint Maarten Police Report Atrecation over a scooter on the Soualiga Road. 

Atrecation over a scooter on the Soualiga Road



The police dispatch received several calls early Tuesday morning around 1.30 am, concerning a stabbing that took place on the Soualiga Road. The patrol and ambulance who arrived on the scene encountered a man who had received a stab wounds to his chest and lacerations to his body. 

According to the information gathered at the scene, an argument began between two men, when the suspect with the initials M.A.G, took a scooter belonging the victim F.L. without permission. 

F.L. had earlier parked his scooter on the side of the road close to a well-known bar and restaurant and went inside the bar. The suspect took the opportunity and left the scene with the scooter belonging to the F.L..  

About 10 minutes later the suspect returned to the scene with the scooter and a altercation ensued between both men. During the fight the victim with received a stabbed wound to his chest. He was also threatened with a machete during the fight that took place. 

F.L. who was bleeding profusely, was treated on the scene and transferred to the Sint Maarten Medical Center. He didn’t suffer no life threatening injuries and was later release after being treated.  

M.A.G who was still on the scene was immediately arrested by the police patrol and brought to the police station. He was incarcerated pending further investigation.


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