Sint Maarten Police: Scooter collision at the A.J.C Brouwers road roundabout results in injures

Philipsburg, March 12th 2020

Scooter collision at the A.J.C Brouwers road roundabout results in injures

The Police Patrol and Ambulance were directed to the roundabout on the A.J.C Brouwers for an accident that had taken place on Thursday morning March 12th, between a vehicle and a scooter. 

On the scene the patrol encountered an collision between a white scooter and a gray Chevrolet Colorado, both vehicles had no number plates. 

 The police patrol noticed that the passenger of a white scooter had a large open wound and was being treated on the scene by the paramedics. The passenger was later transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The driver of the scooter sustained only minor injuries. 


The cause of the collision has not yet been determined. The personnel of the Traffic department are still investigation this accident.

Motorbike rider injured on the Welfare road.

The Police Patrol and Traffic department were alerted to a serious traffic accident that had taken place close to the Colebay Police Station on the Welfare Road on Wednesday afternoon, March 11th about 5.30 pm. 

On the scene the patrol encounters the rider a black motorbike with the initials J. A. M- R., who was involved in the accident, complaining of pain in his back.

According to the information, the driver of a White Nissan was given a chance to exit the Windsor by a driver onto the Welfare road.  At the same time the rider of the motorbike was passing a line of car going towards the Kruythoff roundabout. The rider of the motorbike was also driving on the Welfare road towards the roundabout.

The rider was unable to brake in time and crashed into the car coming out of the Windsor road.  He suffered from cuts and bruises and was treated on the scene by the personnel of the ambulance and later transported to the SMMC for further treatment. The wounds of the victim were not life threatening.

Armed robbery in the Mullet-Bay  area requires public assistance.

The Special Unit Robbery is investigating an robbery which took place early Thursday morning the on March 12th around 12.30 am, in the vicinity of the Mullet-Bay beach.  

According to the victims who gave their statement to the officer on scene, they was sitting in their vehicle on the beach when a vehicle with three (3) unknown males pulled up alongside them. The suspects exited their car and proceeded to demand the belongings of the victims, under the threat of a firearm.  The three male suspects were said to be dressed in dark attire.

After receiving and undisclosed amount of cash the robbers fled the scene in an unknown direction. The detective department is investigating this armed robbery case and asking anyone who has information, to contact the Sint Maarten Police Force.

They can call the Special Unit Robberies at +1 721- 542 22 22 ext. 204 or 205.          The anonymous tip line can also be contacted at 9300, or a message can be sent to our Facebook page. (Police Force of Sint Maarten – Korps Politie Sint Maarten)


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