Philipsburg,  Sunday, April 5th 2020

Waiver requests


The Sint Maarten Police Force is currently overwhelmed with requests for a curfew waiver. During the state of emergency and the 24 hours’ curfew, the Police is entitled to give out waivers for essential businesses only.


We will handle all waiver requests with the priority of the most essential businesses first. All waivers will be handled as soon as possible. 


We urge the public to send a letter to PR@policesxm.sx to get official approval of the Sint Maarten Police Force. Hereby we would like to share the content of the request letter:



The request must be made on your business letterhead indicating:

1     your type of service or your type of emergency.

  1.   which districts you need to go and put the address of your residential area.
  2.   the vehicle(s) with the license plate number.
  3.   name from all the employees and make sure they have their ID on them and they need to wear their company clothing.
  4.   the letter must be addressed to Mr. Carl John MBA, Chief of Police.
  5.   send this request letter via email to pr@policesxm.sx.
  6.   if approved your letter will be signed and stamped and via scan emailed back to you.
  7.   after this make copies and put one in each vehicle that is mentioned in the letter.


Disaster passes and Hurricane passes from 2019 are extended during this crisis until further notice. 


Stay home and save lives.

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