Eksperensiá Kòrsou ku mas tarifa lokal di CHATA su miembronan / Experience Curaçao with More Local Deals from CHATA Members

Eksperensiá Kòrsou ku mas tarifa lokal di CHATA su miembronan


Willemstad, 14 di mei 2020 – Miembronan di CHATA ta ofresé tarifanan speshal pa lokalnan disfrutá di un fakansi lokalmente. Siman pasá gobièrnu a anunsiá ku negoshi por kontinuá ku reglanan di higiena nobo i kompanianan ta kla pa sirbi.


Disfrutá di bo fakansi lokal i bira un turista riba bo mes isla, sea na un hotèl, sambuyá o landa ku dolfein, semper tin algu pa hasi.


Akomodashonnan miembro di CHATA, Papagayo i Lagun Blou ta ofresé tarifanan lokal. Lagun Blou ta ofresé 20% di deskuento riba villanan di 1 i tambe 3 kamber na Bandabou. E oferta aki ta balido te fin di ougùstùs. Papagayo Beach Hotel tin un oferta riba nan kamber ku bista riba bulevar entrate 15 di mei 2020. Tambe e Beach Club Restorant ta habrí ku ofertnanan speshal di menu di 3 kurso. Papagayo Beach Club tambe ta habrí ku un tarifa di laman lokal ku ta keda 100% doná na Voedselbank Curaçao, mientras bishitantenan por disfrutá di e laman kumpliendo ku reglanan di distansia sosial.


Pa amantenan di oseano, miembronan di CHATA, Ocean Encounters, Curaçao Sea Aquarium i Dolphin Academy ta ofresé tarifanan speshal pa lokalnan disfrutá di nan isla. Na Ocean Encounters por disfrutá di un deskuento di Nafl. 95,- ku un reservashon di 4 persona pa un kurso den laman habrí, inkluí tur ekipo di sambuyá. Den kolaborashon ku Dolphin Academy tin e posibilidatnan tambe pa sambuyá den laman habrí ku e dolfeinnan. Dolphin Academy ta ofresé tambe tarifanan speshal pa enkuentro ku dolfein, landa ku dolfein i Dolphin Scuba Encounter. Curaçao Sea Aquarium tambe ta enkurashá publiko pa bishitá nan pa un tarifa lokal i siña mas tokante e mundu bou di awa. Nan ta ofresé tarifa speshal riba e Ocean Lens, tour pa mucha i adulto durante kuna di mei kompletu.


Ta durante e temounan aki, nos mester sostené nos ekonomia lokal pa asina krese bèk huntu i salí afo mas fuerte. Ku yudansa di komunidat, nos establesementunan i negoshinan por prepare pa ora Kòrsou habri frontera bèk. Awor ta e oportunidat pa probechá di e tarufanan lokal i eksperensiá bo isla den forma di un fakansi lokal. Pa mas detaye i preis di e ofertanan ariba menshoná, bishitá www.chata.org. Pa mas oferta maravioso, bishitá www.godushi.com o CHATA su pagina di Facebook.



Experience Curaçao with More Local Deals from CHATA Members


Willemstad, May 14, 2020 – CHATA Members are offering special deals for locals to enjoy the feeling of a staycation on the island. Last week, the Government announced that businesses can continue to operate under new hygiene guidelines and the business community is ready to serve.

Enjoy your staycation and become a tourist on your own island, whether it’s at a hotel, diving or swimming with the dolphins, there’s always something to do.


CHATA Accommodations Members Papagayo and Lagun Blou are offering local specials. Lagun Blou is offering a 20% discount rate for their one-bedroom villas and three-bedroom villas in Banda Abou; this offer is valid until the end of August. Papagayo Beach Hotel will have a local special for a Boulevard View Room starting May 15, 2020 and the Beach Club Restaurant is now open with special 3-course dinner menu. The Papagayo Beach Club is also open with a local beach fee which is 100% donated to Voedselbank Curaçao, where guests could enjoy the beach while complying with the social distancing rules.


For ocean lovers, CHATA Members, Ocean Encounters, Curaçao Sea Aquarium and the Dolphin Academy are offering special prices for locals to enjoy activities on the island. With Ocean Encounters, customers can receive a Nafl. 95,- discount when booking 4 people together for the open water course, including all diving equipment. In collaboration with the Dolphin Academy, the guests could have the opportunity for an Open Water Dive Special with the dolphins. The Dolphin Academy is also offering special rates for Dolphin Encounters, Dolphin Swims and Dolphin Scuba Encounter. Curaçao Sea Aquarium is also encouraging the public to visit the aquarium for a local rate and learn more about the underwater world. They are also offering special prices on the Ocean Lens, with tours for kids, adults and seniors throughout the month of May.


It is during these times that we must support our local economy in order to build back up together and come out stronger. With the help from the community, our establishments and businesses can prepare for when Curaçao opens its borders again. Now is the time to take advantage of these local deals and get the chance to experience your island in the manner of a staycation. Please visit www.chata.org for more details, including pricing, regarding the above-mentioned deals. For more amazing deals check out www.godushi.com and the CHATA Facebook page.


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