Sint Maarten Police Repeat offender arrested for  “Domestic Abuse”

Acting head of Communication Department 

           Inspector E.S. Josepha  


Philipsburg, May 25th, 2020

Repeat offender arrested for  “Domestic Abuse”

A typical domestic violence case begins when someone involved in a domestic dispute calls the police for assistance; on Monday morning the Sint Maarten Police Force were called to intervene in a escalated domestic situation.

Officers were directed to Dollison Drive were they were met by suspect R.A.R , who at the time, was attempting to cause bodily- harm to his former girlfriend. According to the in information gathered, it was concluded that, although the suspect has a current restraining order against him, he was insistent on trying to contact the victim. When the victim refused to engage the suspect began to damage her property and threaten her life. 

R.A.R was immediately arrested and remanded to the Philipsburg station where he is being held for further investigation . 

The police are a key 24 hour agency for persons experiencing domestic violence Being assaulted, sexually abused, threatened or harassed by someone you know or live with is just as much a crime as violence from a stranger, and is often more dangerous. 

When the police have been called, our first priority is  the safety and well-being of you, and to protect everyone present from injury or further harm. The officer on scene’s role is to investigate or to arrest the suspect – not to mediate, counsel or allocate blame.

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate assistance in an abusive situation please do not hesitate to contact the Sint Maarten Police Force at 911 or (721) 542- 2222. If you do not require immediate assistance but need help leaving a situation that is no longer conducive to your or those around you wellbeing, please contact Mental Health Foundation at (721) 542-1677 or Safe Haven at (721) 523-6400 as they can also provide other alternative measure of assistance.


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