Police pursuit results in persons damaging police patrol


Acting head of Communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


Philipsburg,  11 juni , 2020

Police pursuit results in persons damaging police patrol

On Wednesday June 11th 2020 at approximately 01.00 am, the police patrol spotted a red Suzuki driving at high speeds towards the direction of Sucker Garden and proceeded to control the vehicle as it was pass curfew hours.

The patrols commanded the vehicle to stop and pull to the rear of the road but the vehicle ignore the command of the officers and continued at accelerated speeds. The officers pursued the Suzuki in the direction of Defiance, where the vehicle then turned into the drive way of a home in that area.

The driver of the vehicle stepped out and began to threaten the officers who had also stepped out the vehicle to converse with the speedy driver. While approaching the driver, persons in the area began to throw stones at the officers.

In order not to be injured  by the stones, the police patrol retreated back to the patrol. The stone throwers bussed the windscreen and also one of the side windows of the police vehicle. An unknown lady who resides in the home also came out and threaten the officers who were trying to carry out their duties. She was later arrested for attempting to assault an officer who was carrying out the arrest of the driver.

Other officers were called to the scene to provide back up with situation. The driver of the vehicle  resisted arrest and had to be forcefully detained.

After a short search  in the area, the police officers were able to locate one person who was involved in the throwing of the stones , causing numerous damages to the police vehicle. He was also arrested.

All three (3) suspects were transported to the police station and incarcerated pending further investigation. The officers have collected the information of the other persons involved in the stone throwing and more arrested will be made in the following days to come. 

The Sint Maarten Police Force would like to send a stern warn to these who took part in the throwing of the various object at the officers, in hopes to obstruct them from completely their duties. 

These actions could have resulted in serious bodily harm to the officers and this behavior will have serious consequences. Officers are set in positions to uphold the law but it is only with the help of the community we can do our jobs to the best of our ability.


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