Power Punch Challenge Curacao

-18 years -80 kg
1. Raekwon Baas  (Baas Sports)
2. Dwinley Mathilda (Supreme Boxing Centre)
3. Ronald Damberg (Baas Sports)
-18 years 80+ kg
1. Jonah Kleiboer (Baas Sports)
2. John Karsoredjo (Baas Sports)
3. Miguel da Silva
1. Krishona Juliana (Immartial Athlete Centre)
2. Lissette de Leon Arrieta  (Baas Sports)
3. Gloria Esseboom
18+ years -80 kg
1. Stephen Nahr (No Limit Boxing Team)
2. Quentin Pieternella (Baas Sports)
3. Kevin Scharbaai (Baas Sports)
18+ years 80+ kg
1. Coregelino Djaoen (Supreme Boxing Centre)
2. Jack Kleinschiphorst (Baas Sports)
3. Rines Martina (Curacao Fighting School)
1. Edwin Baas (Baas Sports)
2. Dennis van der Laan (Immartial Athlete Centre)
3. Cheo Zimmerman (Supreme Boxing Centre)
The Power Punch Challenge was a great success. All 50 participants from 8 different clubs were very enthusiastic and the most frequently asked question was “when again?”.
Edwin Baas: “I had thought of this activity as an alternative to boxing bouts during the COVID period, but it turned out to be such a great success that it looks like it will be a recurring event. This can be something very big. I even think of a venue like Brionplein, open to the public. This week the board will evaluate and discuss a follow-up.”
There were 6 divisions and the results are:
1st place -18 years -80 kg Raekwon Baas score 936
1st place -18 years 80+ kg Jonah Kleiboer score 928
1st place 18+ years -80 kg Stephen Nahr score 945
1st place 18+ years 80+ kg Coregelino Djaoen score 980
1st place 40+ Edwin Baas score 932
1st place Ladies Krishona Juliana score 886

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