Plakat di mérito pa Eric Wederfoort  / Plaque of Merit Handed to Eric Wederfoort 

Plakat di mérito pa Eric Wederfoort 


WILLEMSTAD- 16 di yüni 2020 – Durante un enkuentro ameno Minister di Desaroyo Ekonómiko, Dr. Steven Martina huntu ku direktor di Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) sr. Paul Pennicook a entregá sr. Eric Wederfoort un plakat di mérito komo muestra di apresio pa su 65 aña den e mundu di buseo aki na Kòrsou. Sr. Wederfoort ta konosí komo un ikono den e mundu di buseo dunando instrukshon na tantu lokalnan komo na turistanan. Su kontribushon balioso na e industria di buseo sigur meresé elogio. Ta un kantidat grandi di nos bishitantenan for eksterior a siña konosé Kòrsou su bida bou di laman via sr. Wederfoort. Durante di e enkuentro, tantu Minister Martina komo sr. Pennicook a gradisí sr. Wederfoort pa su trabou meritorio na adelanto di e industria di buseo i turismo en general. Sr. Wederfoort na su turno a gradisí pa e gesto i a indiká ku miéntras e tin bida i salú i ku sosten di su famia e lo sigui duna su kontribushon na e industria di buseo pa hopi aña mas. Danki sr. Wederfoort!



Potrètnan di e momentu ku sr. Eric Wederfoort ta risibí su plakat di mérito


Plaque of Merit Handed to Eric Wederfoort 


WILLEMSTAD- June 16, 2020 – At a pleasant gathering, the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina, joined by the CEO of the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), Mr. Paul Pennicook, handed a plaque of merit to Mr. Eric Wederfoort as a token of  appreciation for his career of 65 years in the diving sector here in Curaçao. Mr. Wederfoort is an icon of the industry. His invaluable contribution as a diving instructor to locals and tourists alike, giving countless of the island’s visitors their first taste of Curaçao’s marine life, demands recognition. At the occasion, both the Minister and Mr. Pennicook thanked Mr. Wederfoort for his meritorious work towards the advancement of the diving industry and the tourism sector at large. In turn, Mr. Wederfoort expressed his gratitude for the acknowledgement received, saying that, for many more years to come, as long as his strength permits and with his family’s support, the diving industry can continue counting on him. Thank you, Mr. Wederfoort!


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