Stolen car Suspects damages Police Vehicle during car chase.  / Drugs and firearm confiscated during house search.


From:  Acting head of Communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


Philipsburg,  july 10th  , 2020

Stolen car Suspects damages Police Vehicle during car chase.  

On Thursday July 9th at about 2:00 pm, the police patrol received a frantic call from  a female, as someone was driving off with her vehicle from a supermarket parking lot on the A.Th Illidge Road. 

The frantic call informed the central dispatch that she left her keys in the car as she ran into the supermarket for a short moment. While walking back to her vehicle, she noticed someone driving away with her car in the direction of Middle region. Several police patrols were directed to the area in search of the stolen gold color Grand I-10.

While the police patrol was busy searching the area for the suspects, the dispatch center received information that the vehicle had been spotted. This information was given through to the police patrols, who spotted the car in middle region. 

The officers set up a blockade on the road, in an attempt to stop and  apprehend the suspect. When the suspect saw the police car, he increased his speed and drove through the blockade. While driving by the suspect damaged the door on the passenger side of the police vehicle and continued driving towards the  district of Dutch Quarter. A high-speed chase immediately followed, which ended on the Nazareth road. The police successfully arrested four persons, including an infant, who were in the car when the vehicle was stopped. They were all arrested  and transported to the police where they are being held for questioning. Two minor female suspects were later released after being questioned.  The stolen vehicle was also confiscated for further investigation . This investigation is tail ongoing 


Drugs and firearm confiscated during house search.

The police received information from various sources that persons were dealing narcotics from a house located in the Cole-bay area . 

After a short investigation the detective department received a warrant from the prosecutor’s office to conduct a search at the premises.  The officers did a search in the residence, early Wednesday morning on July 8th 2020. During this search, a quantity of drugs and a firearm were found in the home. 

The drugs and firearm were seized in the interest of further investigation.  The occupant of the residence  with the initials J.R. was arrested and taken to the police station where he is being held pending further investigation

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