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Dr. Milly Lacle, sirbiendo e comunidad cu conocemento y compasion / Dr. Milly Lacle, serving the community with insight and compassion 


Dr. Milly Lacle, sirbiendo e comunidad cu conocemento y compasion

Dr. Milly Lacle, un Psicologo Holistico & Hypnotherapista, awor ta brindando servicio na pashentnan den su practica nobo na Katunastraat 9, Ponton.

Dr. Lacle ta un intuitivo di dolor emocional. E ta cuida su pashentnan cu gentilesa y guia nan den un ruta di paz interno, cual ta mas importante cu nunca den e momentonan turbulentenan cu nos ta bibando actualmente.

E la obtene su diploma di Psicologia na Columbus University na Panama hunto cu un Masters den Salud Mental na University of Leon, Spaña. E ta un Hypnotherapista certifica por medio di American Board of Hypnotherapy y National Guild of Hypnotists, manera tambe un Master Hypnotist por medio di Banyan Hypnosis Center, den ambos e 7th Path Self Hypnosis manera tambe programanan di 5th Path Hypnosis. Adicionalmente, e tin licensia pa su practica pa Neuro-Linguistic Programming por medio di NLP Life Training.

Naci na El Salvador y lanta na Panama, Dr. Lacle ta yama Aruba su cas pa 26 aña caba, y e ta ofrece su servicionan na Ingles, Spaño y Papiamento. E ta specialmente interesa den muchanan cu ta sufri di problema cu comportacion.

“Cu cada oportunidad pa wak mi pashentnan, mi meta ta permanece mescos,” e ta splica, “cual ta ofrece un espacio y metodo cu ta yega na un cura permanente. Mi mision ta pa inspira y laga cada persona haya e poder cu nan tin, pa discubri nan necesidadnan real, y pa wordo fascina pa nan originalidad. Mi promesa na mi pashentnan ta pa ofrece comprendimento sin husga y pa yuda nan yega na paz mental. Mi ta dedica mi mes totalmente na confidencialidad, y mi ta agradecido pa e regalo di confiansa.”

Dr. Lacle su meta principal a cuminsa na Clinica Miseracordia na San Nicolas cu Dr. Carlin Brown, kende a specialisa den medicina holistico y alternativo. E semper tabata interesa den e tema anto a asisti Dr. Brown na trata e causanan enbes di e sintomanan di su pashentnan. Den e ultimo 20 aña, e tabata hopi envolvi activamente cu recursonan humano den negoshinan di su famia, anto a completa su estudio multi faceto y interesante banda di su yiunan.

E ta splica cu hopi hende ta hopi cansa di ta cansa, y pa falta di un cura specifico, nan ta keda bishita dokter, sperando pa un acto milagroso of cambio.

“Esaki ta e tipo di pashent cu lo ricibi bon yudansa for di mi,” Dr. Lacle ta splica, “Ora cu tur otro alternativa ta faya, mi practica ta un bon opcion. Si a caso mi pashentnan no ta satisfecho cu resultadonan di mi tratamento, nan por semper haya un refund riba nan dolor,” e ta expresa.



Pashentnan cu ta busca paz mental y paz interior mester realisa cu esaki ta den nan sistema caba, e ta presente caba, y tur loke nos tin cu haci ta mishi cu ne, pero hopi trempan den bida pa motibo di un experiencia traumatico – anto esaki por ta un insulto of accidente, un incidente of un perdida – nos ta cuminsa na crea murayanan pa protehe nos mes di nos banda vunerabel, algun hasta ta subi di peso pa tin mas proteccion, y nos ta biba nos bida tras di diferente nivel di defensa, cual ta naturalmente preveni nos pa conecta cu otro persona den un manera hopi mas significante.

Si bo ta experiencia retonan fisico of emocional, manera ansiedad, no por drumi bon, nervio, si bo curpa ta bira cayente liher, si bo ta medica bo mes of bebe excesivamente, si bo ta negativo of hopi sensitivo, of depresivo, Dr. Lacle ta invita bo pa bishita su website E ta bisa cu su pashentnan, ta dedica nan mes na un maximo di 6 bishita, sin uzo di medicacion, e ta siña su pashentnan maneranan nobo pa trata cu stress, cu resultadonan excelente garantisa.

Dr. Milly Lacle, serving the community with insight and compassion 

Dr. Milly Lacle, a Holistic Psychologist & Hypnotherapist, is now seeing patients in her new, friendly practice on Katunastraat 9, Ponton.  

Dr. Lacle is an emotional pain intuitive. She gently takes her patients on a journey towards inner peace, which is even more important than ever, in these turbulent times.  

She obtained her Psychology degree from Columbus University in Panama and a Masters in Mental Health from the University of Leon, Spain. She is a certified Hypnotherapist by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as a Master Hypnotist by Banyan Hypnosis Center both in the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis and 5th Path Hypnosis programs. Additionally, she is a licensed practitioner for Neuro-Linguistic Programming by NLP Life Training.

Born in El Salvador and raised in Panama, Dr. Lacle has been calling Aruba home for over twenty-six years, and she offers her services in English, Spanish and Papiamento. She is especially interested in kids, who suffer from health of behavioral trouble. 

“With every opportunity to see my patients, my purpose remains the same,” she explains,” to offer a space and a method that leads to permanent healing. My mission is to inspire and allow each person to find the power they hold, to uncover their real needs, and to be fascinated by their uniqueness. My promise to my patients is to offer understanding without judgment and to help them achieve peace of mind. I am committed to total confidentiality, and I am thankful for the gift of trust.”

Dr. Lacle’s personal journey began at Clinica Miseracordia in San Nicholas with Dr. Carlin Brown, who specialized in holistic, alternative medicine. She has always been interested in the field and helped Dr. Brown treat the causes, not the symproms in his patients. Over the past 20 years, she has been actively involved with Human Resources of her family businesses, and completed her interesting and multi-faceted education alongside her kids.  

Many people she explain, are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and for lack of a specific cure, keep visiting doctors, hoping for a miracle, a change.

“These are the type of patients who wil be greatly helped by me,” Dr. Lacle explains, “When all else fails, my practice is a good option. In case my patients are dissatisfied with the results of my treatment they can always have their pain refunded,” she banters.

Patients who seek inner peace should realize that it is built into their system, it’s there, all we have to do is tap into it, but early on in life, because of a traumatic experience – and traumatic may range from an insult to an accident, an incident or a loss – we begin building protective walls surrounding our vulnerable self, some even gain weight for added padding and protection, and we live our lives behind layers of defenses , that naturally prevent us from connecting to other people in a meaningful way. 

If you experience physical and emotional challenges, from anxiety, to sleeplessness, nervousness, if you overeat, self-medicate or drink in excess, if you are negative, and over-sensitive, or depressed, Dr. Lacle invites you to visit her website, Her patients she says, commit to a maximum of six sessions, without the use of medications, she will teach her patients new ways of dealing with stress, excellent results guaranteed

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