Kaptital humano i perspektiva pa futuro. CHATA su HR Task Force ta reuní pa deliberá futuro di trabou / Human Capital and future outlook CHATA’s HR Task Force meets to discuss the future of work.


Kaptital humano i perspektiva pa futuro.

CHATA su HR Task Force ta reuní pa deliberá futuro di trabou


Willemstad, 11 di ougùstùs 2020 – Pa un miho komprondementu di lokual kompanianan ta eksperensiá i kon nan ta atendé ku e impaktonan di COVID-19, CHATA su HR Task Force a bini huntu pa alineá tur esfuerso di nos industria i tambe plania pa futuro.


Pa analisá e situashon aktual, a duna un update riba e situashon di empleo aktual di 16.000 tradó, e motivashon di empleadonan i tambe otro puntonan di prekupashon ku tin enkuanto e futuro di trabou den e sektor di hospitalidat i turismo na Kòrsou. Informashon importante i relevante den kuadro di e pandemia global a keda kompartí i tambe desafíonan di empleo i maneho di e impakto pa varios kompania afiliá na CHATA.


Tabata evidente ku a konsekuensia di e pandemia, varios kompania mester a yega na diferente palabrashonnan ku nan empleadonan, sinembargo, apesar di e supsidio di gobièrnu (NOW) i e fronteranan habrí, ta difisil pa mantené i sostené forsa laboral. Mayoria tabata di akuerdo ku ta un reto pa mantené nan empleadonan motivá durante e periodo aki. Sinembargo, nan a haña métodonan ku ta funshoná bon den nan organisashon, aunke esaki ahinda no ta sufisiente.


“Industria di hospitalidat i turismo ta preokupá pa e futuro di Kòrsou, i nos tambe. E pandemia global ta hasi ekstremadamente difisil pa pronostiká i haña un miho idea di kon kompanianan lo sobrebibí. Mas aleu, den kuadro di e supsidio di gobièrnu, no tin klaridat ahinda tokante e sosten finansiero pa empleado (NOW) pa e kuartal benidero. Ku un kapasidat di 10.000 bishitante pa luna, entrada pa Kòrsou limitá i insiguridat di e supsidio di gobièrnu, ta preokupante ku varios kompania lo mester tuma medidanan serio en kuanto nan empleadonan i e futuro di nan kompania. Esaki por resultá den aún mas desempleo riba nos isla i un pèrdida ekonomiko grandi. E krisis ta real i nobo pa nos tur, sinembargo nos ta manehá mas miho ku nos por”, e Presidente i CEO di CHATA, Sr. Miles Mercera, ta kompartí.


CHATA ta aploudí e trabou duru, positivismo i dedikashon ku empleadonan, maneho i empresarionan a demonstrá durante e periodo difisil aki. Alabes CHATA ta spera di sigui traha huntu ku gobièrnu i sektor privá pa surpasá e temporada difisil ku nos ta enfrentá.



Human Capital and future outlook

CHATA’s HR Task Force meets to discuss the future of work.


Willemstad, August 11, 2020 – In order to have a clear understanding of what businesses are going through and how they are handling the impacts of COVID-19, CHATA’s HR Task Force came together to align our industry efforts and plan for the future.


To analyze the current situation an update was given on the current employment status of 16.000 workers, employee motivations and other concerns they have regarding the future of work in the hospitality and tourism industry of Curaçao. Important and relevant input was shared in regard to the global pandemic, employment challenges and how this impact was managed by the businesses affiliated with CHATA.


It was evident that due to the pandemic, many had to arrange or come to different agreements with their employees, however despite the Government subsidy (NOW) and the borders opening, it’s difficult to maintain and support the workforce. Many agreed that it has been a challenge to keep their employees motivated throughout this period of time, however they have found methods that have been working well within their organizations, but it’s still not enough.


“The Hospitality & Tourism Industry is worried about the future of Curaçao and so are we.

The global pandemic is making it extremely difficult to form forecasts to receive a better idea of how businesses are going to survive. Furthermore, in regard to the Government subsidy, no clarity has been given yet for the (NOW) employee financial support for the upcoming quarter. With a 10,000-visitor capacity a month, limited entry to Curaçao and uncertainty of the Government subsidy, it’s worrisome that many businesses will have to take serious measures regarding their employees and the future of their business. This could result in an even higher unemployment rate on the island and major economic losses. This crisis is real and is new for all of us and we are navigating to the best of our ability”, shares

President and CEO of CHATA, Mr. Miles Mercera.


CHATA applauds the hard work, positive mindset and dedication that the employees, management and owners have demonstrated during such a challenging period. CHATA looks forward to working together with the Government and the rest of the private sector to overcome the difficulties we’re being faced with.



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