CTB a interaktuá ku potensial bishitantenan na Sürnam durante un Virtual InfoMart / CTB engages potential travelers in Suriname in an innovative Virtual InfoMart

CTB a interaktuá ku potensial bishitantenan na Sürnam durante un Virtual InfoMart


WILLEMSTAD- 19 di òktober 2020 – Resientemente Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) den estrecho koperashon ku Ministerio di Desaroyo Ekonómiko a organisá e di 7 edishon di  ‘Curaçao InfoMart’ dirigí riba Sürnam. Pa motibu di e pandemia, a tene e evento di e aña aki di forma virtual. Konsumidónan, agentenan di biahe, operadornan di tour, doñonan di negoshi i personanan ku gusta biaha a keda invitá pa bishitá e marshe virtual i haña informashon di tur loke Kòrsou tin di ofresé. Miéntras kompanianan establesé na Sürnam por a konektá ku Kòrsou i sera lasonan komersial ku nos empresarionan lokal. 


E vershon virtual a konta ku partisipashon di 44 partner for di sektor turístiko manera entre otro hotèlnan, apartamentunan, atrakshonnan turístiko i operadornan di tour. Ademas 20 kompania a partisipá na e mishon komersial for di entre otro sektor di IT, konstrukshon, merkadeo i komunikashon e sektor kreativo, Free Zone i diferente mas. Banda di e partnernan di Kòrsou tambe e marshe a konta ku partisipashon di aerolíneanan i operadornan di tour di Sürnam. “E momentu ku a tene e InfoMart tabata perfekto konsiderando ku e restrikshon di biahe pa bishitantenan for di Sürnam ta keda kitá entrante awe, 19 di òktober,” asina sr. Paul Pennicook CEO di CTB a remarká. 


Durante e 3 dianan, e konsumidó na Sürnam a eksperensiá Kòrsou pa medio di video i imágennan visual atraktivo presentá pa CTB. Sentenar di konsumidó a bishitá e evento virtual durante e 3 dianan. Tur partisipante a risibí un anochi grátis na un di e akomodashonnan partisipante. Konsumidónan i kompanianan por a bishitá e diferente stèntnan virtual pa interkambiá i hasi pregunta tokante e produktonan i servisionan ku e tim di Kòrsou ta ofresé. 


CTB i MEO ta gradisí tur partner lokal pa nan partisipashon na e di 7 edishon di e ‘Curaçao InfoMart’ ku e aña aki tabata di forma virtual. E marshe virtual sigur a kontribuí pa por sigui promové Kòrsou komo destinashon turístiko i na mes momento traha riba sera lasonan komersial na benefisio di desaroyo ekonómiko di nos pais. 




CTB engages potential travelers in Suriname in an innovative Virtual InfoMart


WILLEMSTAD- October 19, 2020 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO), recently hosted the 7th edition of the Curaçao InfoMart, focusing on Suriname. As a result of the pandemic, this year’s InfoMart was held virtually. Consumers, travel agents, tour-operators, business owners and travel aficionados were invited to visit the virtual fair and receive information on all that Curaçao has to offer. At the same time, established businesses in Suriname were able to connect with Curaçao and forge commercial ties with our local entrepreneurs. 


The virtual InfoMart included the participation of 44 tourism-sector partners, such as hotels, apartments, tourist attractions and tour operators. Also, 20 businesses participated in the trade mission, representing sectors such as IT, construction, marketing and communications, the creative sector, the Free Zone and more. In addition to the Curaçaoan partners, Surinamese airlines and tour operators also participated at the InfoMart. “The timing of this year’s InfoMart was perfect considering that travel restrictions for travelers from Suriname are being lifted as of today, October 19,” commented CTB CEO Paul Pennicook.


For three days, consumers in Suriname experienced Curaçao thru video and attractive visuals presented by CTB. Hundreds of consumers visited the virtual InfoMart over the course of these three days. All participants received a “One Night Free” coupon at one of the participating accommodations. Consumers and businesses could also visit the virtual booths to interact and inquire about the products and services offered by the Curaçao team.


The CTB and MEO wish to thank all local partners for their participation in the 7th edition of the Curaçao InfoMart, this year in virtual format. This virtual fair has no doubt added to the continuous promotion of Curaçao as a tourist destination, while creating commercial ties that will support the economic development of our country. 

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