Turismo di Estadia rekuperando di forma stabil Sifranan preliminar òktober 2020

Turismo di Estadia rekuperando di forma stabil

Sifranan preliminar òktober 2020


WILLEMSTAD- 5 di novèmber 2020 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá un kantidat di 13.556 turista di estadia pa luna di òktober. Ta e promé biaha desde ku gradualmente a kita e restrikshonnan pa ku entrada na Kòrsou, ku por mira un kresementu supstansial den kantidat di turista di estadia. Kòrsou a risibí 8.195, 9.227 i 10.418 turista di estadia na luna di yüli, ougùstùs i sèptèmber respektivamente. Na òktober a oumentá e kantidat máksimo di pasahero ku ta permití pa drenta Kòrsou pa luna di 10.000 pa 20.000. Esaki a sòru pa e kresementu sólido di 13.556 turista di estadia. 94% di e kantidat di turista registrá ta prosedente di Europa.


94% di e europeonan ku a bishitá Kòrsou ta prosedente di Hulanda. Nos a risibí 11.979 turista for di Hulanda kual ta 24% ménos kompará ku òktober 2019. For di Alemania un kantidat di 358 turista aleman a keda registrá, un bahada di 81% kompará ku aña pasá. Na luna di òktober, 60% di turistanan for di Europa a keda den un ‘resort hotel’ (esta hotèl chikí, grandi i bùngalo), miéntras 40% a keda den un akomodashon alternativo. E kresementu fuerte di turista di estadia for di Europa na luna di òktober a nifiká tambe un oumento den estadia na ‘resort hotels’. E kresementu fuerte for di Europa ta resultado direkto di e esfuersonan di promoshon kontinuo na Europa dor di CTB i partnernan den industria i tambe e oumento den e kantidat stipulá di pasahero ku por bishitá Kòrsou entrante luna di òktober último. Un otro indikadó interesante ta e kantidat averahe di anochi ku e turista europeo a keda nos pais. Na òktober 2020 e averahe di anochi tabata 10.8, miéntras aña pasá e mesun luna a registrá un averahe di 8.9 anochi. Esaki ta 21% kresementu den e kantidat averahe di anochi ku turistanan for di Europa a keda riba nos pais. 



Stayover visitors’ recovery rebounding steady

Preliminary Visitor Arrivals October 2020


WILLEMSTAD – November 5, 2020 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 13,556 stayover visitors for October 2020. It is the first time since the gradual lifting of travel restrictions to Curaçao that we see such a substantial increase in stayover arrivals.  We welcomed 8,195, 9,227 and 10,418 stayover visitors in July, August and September respectively. The passenger cap of 10,000 per month was increased to 20,000 per month in October and this allowed for the solid jump to 13,556 stayover visitors (see figure 1). Ninety four percent of the reported visitors came from Europe.


Ninety four percent of the European visitors came from the Netherlands. We have welcomed 11,979 Dutch visitors, which is 24% less compared to October 2019. Out of Germany, we registered 358 German visitors, an 81% decrease compared to last year. Sixty percent of these European visitors stayed in resort hotels 

(small-, large hotels and bungalow resorts), while 40% stayed in alternative accommodations in October (see figure 2). October recorded a strong increased share of the European visitors, which also resulted in an increase and share for resort hotels.  This is a direct result of continued promotional efforts in Europe between CTB and Industry Partners and the ability to welcome more visitors as of October. Another interesting indictor is the average nights spent by European visitors. In October, the average night spent was 10.8, while last year we registered 8.9 nights.  This is a 21% increase in average nights spent on the island.


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