Turismo di Estadia na luna di febrüari / February stayover visitors’ performance


Turismo di Estadia na luna di febrüari


WILLEMSTAD- 10 di mart 2021 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá un kantidat di 8.144 turista di estadia pa luna di febrüari. Esaki ta un subida kompará ku luna di yanüari. E sifranan ta indiká un oumento leve den kantidat di turista prosedente di Hulanda apesar di e konseho di biahe negativo anunsiá pa Gobièrnu Hulandes. E kantidat di bishitante risibí na luna di febrüari ta similar na e kantidat risibí na yüli 2020 na momento ku a kuminsá suavisá e restrikshonnan di biahe introdusí pa motibu di e pandemia Covid-19. 


Pa luna di febrüari un kantidat di 5.179 turista hulandes a keda risibí kual ta 71% ménos ku na febrüari 2020. For di Alemania un total di 372 turista a keda registrá. Resientemente gobièrnu aleman a kita e konseho di biahe negativo anunsiá pa Kòrsou, pa e motibu aki ta antisipá un perspektiva faborabel pa loke ta trata e kantidat di turista for di Alemania na luna di mart. Na luna di febrüari, solamente 40% di e turistanan prosedente for di Europa a keda den un ‘resort hotel’ (esta hotèl chikí, grandi i bùngalo). Durante e lunanan anterior 55% a keda den un ‘resort hotel’, pues esaki tambe ta un di e konsekuensianan mas di e konseho di biahe negativo di Hulanda. 


For di Estádos Unídos un kantidat di 1.095 turista a keda risibí na luna di febrüari. E kantidat di bishitante for di Estádos Unídos ta moviendo den e direkshon positivo. E merkado ta rekuperando tiki tiki awor ku ta risibí turista for di tur estado. For di region di Sur Amérika un total di 279 turista a keda risibí. Un total di 53% di e bishitantenan risibí for di Sur Amérika ta prosedente di Colombia. For di region Karibe, Kòrsou a risibí 450 turista di estadia na febrüari, primordialmente for di e islanan den Reino Hulandes. 


CEO di CTB, Paul Pennicook a remarká, “ta sigur alentador pa mira e sifranan di kantidat di turista for di Estádos Unídos desaroyando den e direkshon positivo. Na mes momentu Gobièrnu di Kòrsou i tur otro sektor den e industria ta kontinuá ku e esfuersonan pa logra ku for di Hulanda ta pone Kòrsou bèk riba kódigo hel”.


February stayover visitors’ performance


February Visitor Arrivals 2021


The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 8,144 stayover visitors for the month of February.  This is an increase in stayover arrivals in February compared to January. There is a slight uptick in Dutch visitors despite the negative travel advice announced by the Dutch Government. The stayover arrivals in February are similar to the number of arrivals welcomed in July 2020, when travel restrictions previously imposed because of Covid, were lifted for the first time. 


For February, we welcomed 5,179 Dutch visitors, which is 71% less than February 2020. Out of Germany, we registered 372 visitors. The German Government recently lifted a negative travel advice to Curaçao; we foresee a promising outlook in March regarding German visitor arrivals. Of these European visitors, only 40% stayed in resort hotels in February. This compares to 55% staying in resort hotels in previous months, and is another indication of the impact of the negative travel advice from The Netherlands.   


From the United States of America we welcomed 1,095 visitors in February. Traffic out of USA is moving in a positive direction. The market is slowly recovering now that visitors from all States are welcome. Out of the South American region, 279 visitors were welcomed. Of the South America arrivals, 53% came from Colombia. 

From the Caribbean region, we have welcomed 450 stayover visitors in February, primarily from the Dutch Kingdom islands. 


“It is good to see traffic from the USA trending in a positive direction. At the same time, the effort by the Government and all sectors of the industry to try and get Curaçao back to code yellow with the Netherlands, continues”, commented CTB CEO, Paul Pennicook.


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