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Rekuperashon den kantidat di turista realmente a start na yüni

Rekuperashon den kantidat di turista realmente a start na yüni


WILLEMSTAD- 11 di yüli 2021 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá un kantidat di 21.223 turista di estadia pa luna di yüni. Ku e kantidat di turista di estadia aki, luna di yüni a bira e luna ku mihó prestashon for di momentu ku Kòrsou a habri bèk pa tráfiko aéreo komersial na yüli 2020. Na medio mei, Gobièrnu Hulandes a anunsiá konseho di biahe positivo pa Kòrsou i e kódigo pa Kòrsou a kambia di oraño pa hel. Na fin di mei, Alemania tambe a eliminá e konseho di biahe negativo pa Kòrsou i Estádos Unídos a ahustá e nivel di rísiko di biahe pa Kòrsou di nivel 4 pa nivel 2. Na mes momentu, Kòrsou a kuminsá suavisá e medidanan lokal kual a keda imponé durante e di dos ola di Covid-19.


E konsehonan di biahe positivo den nos merkadonan prinsipal kombiná ku suavisashon di e medidanan lokal relashoná ku Covid-19 a resultá den subida di e kantidat di turista na luna di yüni. E tendensia positivo aki na luna di yüni ta kontinuando na yüli i ta hasi sobrá di aña mustra prometedor pa loke ta trata kantidat di turista.


Pa luna di yüni un kantidat di 12.148 turista hulandes i 485 turista aleman a keda risibí. Total un kantidat di 13.541 turista prosedente for di Europa a keda risibí na luna di yüni. Na yüni, 55% di e turistanan prosedente for di Europa a keda den un ‘resort hotel’ (esta hotèl chikí, grandi i bùngalo). For di Estádos Unídos un kantidat di 4.763 turista a bishitá Kòrsou na luna di yüni. E kantidat di turista for di Estádos Unídos ta moviendo den bon direkshon mirando ku awor turistanan for di tur 50 estado por bishitá Kòrsou.

For di region di Sur Amérika un total di 1.381 turista di estadia a bishitá Kòrsou, 46% ta prosedente for di Colombia miéntras 15% ta prosedente di Brazil. For di Karibe un total di 1.003 turista di estadia a keda risibí na yüni. Mayoria di e turistanan aki ta prosedente di e paisnan den Reino Hulandes.


“Ku riba 21 mil turista di estadia na yüni i yegada di e promé barkunan krusero desde mart 2020, por bisa ku rekuperashon den kantidat di turista realmente a start. Ku un grado di bakunashon haltu lokalmente i e kantidat abou di kasonan positivo, Kòrsou ta keda un destinashon atraktivo pa bishitantenan. Pa e motibu aki nos ta mira padilanti riba kontinuashon di e tendensia positivo aki den kantidat di turista”, asina CEO di CTB, Paul Pennicook a remarká. 


Visitor arrivals “take-off” in June


WILLEMSTAD- July 11, 2021 The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 21,223 stayover visitor arrivals for the month of June. With these arrivals, June has become the best performing month since we reopened for commercial airline traffic in July 2020. In mid-May, the Dutch Government announced positive travel advice for Curaçao and our designation was changed from code orange to code yellow.  In late May, Germany also lifted the travel advisory for Curaçao and the USA lowered the level of risk for travel to Curaçao from level 4 to level 2. At about the same time, Curaçao began lifting local measures that were imposed during the second wave of Covid. 


The combination of positive travel advisories in our main markets and the relaxation of local Covid measures resulted in increased demand for the month of June. This positive trend in June continues in July and has made the rest of the year look promising for visitor arrivals. 


For June, we welcomed 12,148 Dutch visitors and 485 German visitors. In total 13,541 European visitors were welcomed in June 2021. Of these European visitors, 55% stayed in resort hotels in June. 

We welcomed 4,763 visitors from the USA in June. Which gives a clear indication that demand out of USA is moving in a positive direction now that visitors from all 50 States are welcome. 

From the South American region, we welcomed 1,381 visitors. Of the South America arrivals, 46% and 15% came from Colombia and Brazil, respectively. 

From the Caribbean region, we have welcomed 1,003 stayover visitors in June, primarily from the Dutch Kingdom islands. 


“With over 21,000 stayover arrivals in June and the first cruise ship arrivals since March 2020, it is fair to say the recovery in tourism arrivals has really started. With a high rate of vaccination locally and very few active cases, Curaçao remains a very attractive destination for visitors. We therefore look forward to this positive trend in visitor arrivals continuing”, commented CTB CEO, Paul Pennicook. 




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