Constitutional Court of Sint Maarten


On 22 July 2021, a case management conference was held in the constitutional matter filed by the
Ombudsman with the Constitutional Court in St Maarten. This matter regards the review of cuts
to employment benefits of all (semi) public sector workers. The case management conference,
which dealt with procedural issues, was held through a video conferencing link between the
Courthouse in Philipsburg and the Courthouse in Willemstad.
The case management conference was presided by the Hon. Mr. Justice Jacob Wit, President (Ag)
of the Constitutional Court, assisted by the Registrar, Mme. Joan Becker. In attendance were: the
Ombudsman, Mme. Gwendolien Mossel and Legal Counsel Jason Rogers, for the Applicant, and
Attorney Richard Gibson Jr. and Mme. Marieke Zadelhoff of the Department of Legal Affairs &
Legislation of the Ministry of General Affairs, for the Defendant.
After hearing the parties and counsel, it was decided by the President that the hearing of the
constitutional matter, which already had been fixed on Friday, 20 August 2021, will commence
at 9.30 a.m. in the Courthouse, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten.
It was agreed that both sides will deliver their oral arguments in English which will also be the
main language in which the oral proceedings will be conducted. Orders were given for the
streamlining of any possible further evidence that the parties may wish to present.
Measures will be taken to ensure as far as possible full access to the court hearing both for the
public in general and the media in particular. Live coverage of the proceedings by television and
radio stations will be facilitated by the Registry of the Court upon request and as far as practical.
The Covid 19-related guidelines of the Courthouse will remain in effect.
Joan F.M. Becker,
Registrar of the Constitutional Court.

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