Man assaulted with a bottle at “We Lounge”


From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


                                                       Philipsburg, September 26th  2021




Man assaulted with a bottle at “We Lounge”


On Sunday morning at around 1:50am, police were notified about an alleged assault at We Lounge in Maho. Several police patrols were dispatched to the location.


Upon arrival at the location, it became apparent that the main entrance to the premises was closed although there was a party still ongoing in the establishment.


A further investigation by the police revealed that the We Lounge had organized a private party after the decreed closing time of 11:00pm, in violation of the ministerial decree aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. 


In the course of this private party, a brawl ensued during which the victim, A.P., was allegedly assaulted with a bottle. The victim sustained a laceration to the head. 


A quick investigation at the premises led police to the suspect responsible for the assault who was still at the location. This suspect with the initials O.N. was later detained by the patrol and taken to the station where he remains pending further investigation.


In recent days, police and other government entities have discovered several businesses that closed their doors at 11:00pm, but continue to hold private parties after the decreed closing. These types of behavior will no longer be tolerated by law enforcment. Personnel representing TEATT and police are working together to combat practice.





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