CMC ta para kuido elektivo pa pashèntnan di SVB pa motibu di défisit

CMC ta para kuido elektivo pa pashèntnan di SVB pa motibu di défisit

Willemstad, 29 di sèptèmber, 2021 – Den e rueda di prensa di awe mainta, gerensia di Curaçao Medical Center (CMC), a anunsiá ku mester para tur kuido elektivo spesífikamente pa pashèntnan di SVB entrante promé di òktober pa motibu ku e presupuesto di kuido ku SVB ta pagando pa 2021 no ta yega pa kubri gastunan di e pashèntnan di SVB. Lo por reanudá kuido elektivo pa pashènt di SVB na yanüari 2022 na momentu ku CMC risibí e presupuesto di e aña nobo. Kuido elektivo ta tratamentunan ku ta planiá delantá i ku no ta un emergensia. Tur sita di poliklínika lo sigui normal pa tur pashènt, inkluso esnan di SVB.

CMC a bin ta bati alarma ya mas ku 20 luna, indikando ku pa por kubri tur gastu di pashèntnan, mester apliká tarifanan di e situashon nobo di nos kadena di kuido kaminda a skohe pa un hòspital ultra moderno. E tarifanan di e lei Lb MTSV (Medisch Tarief Sociale Verzekeringen) di añanan 2000 ku ta wòrdu apliká pa traha e presupuesto no ta sostenibel i no ta yega pa kubri e gastunan aktual. E desishon pa para kuido elektivo pa pashèntnan di SVB, ta pa por baha gastu i pa asina por garantisá kuido agudo i kuido esensial na tur momentu. Ademas di e gastunan regular, den e último aña, CMC mester a kubri gastunan adishonal di COVID-19, un èkstra di ANG 13.6 mion na gastu. Alabes a realisá prestashon di kuido na pashèntnan di COVID-19 na balor di ANG 29.8 mion, kual ta sèn ku tabata destiná pa kuido elektivo. Pa loke ta trata gastunan di CMC, 75% ta gastunan fiho, pues esakinan ta keda meskos sea ta trata 1 pashènt òf 300 pashènt.

E desishon pa para kuido elektivo pa pashèntnan di SVB tin un impakto signifikante riba komunidat di Kòrsou mirando ku 85% di gastunan di pashènt ta bin di pashèntnan di SVB. E montante ku SVB a paga pa e pashèntnan aki pa 2021 a kubri te fin di ougùstùs. Na total, for di inisio di CMC, tin un diferensia di ANG 51.1 mion entre e entrada di e presupuesto ku a risibí di SVB i e presupuesto aktual di CMC. E fondonan di SVB ta basá riba e tarifanan di Lb MTSV miéntras e presupuesto di CMC ta basá riba e tarifanan nobo ku ta tene kuenta ku tur gastu operashonal di e hòspital.

E situashon finansiero aktual ku CMC ta aden ta pa vários motibu: Presupuesto di kuido ku no ta sufisiente, gastunan adishonal di Covid i otro gastunan adishonal imprevisto na inisio di e hòspital nobo. Na inisio di hòspital, gobièrnu di Kòrsou a hasi algun eskoho ku tin konsekuensia riba e likides di CMC pa un término largu. Entre otro restrukturá kadena di kuido kompletu, traha un hòspital ultra moderno, garantisá empleo di tur trahadó di SEHOS i e desishon ku e finansiamentu i pago di gastunan di konstrukshon mester bin di rekursonan di hòspital.

CMC a hasi vários esfuerso pa mantené i baha gastunan di hòspital di kual ta inkluí re-negoshá kòntraktnan vigente di material i remedi di kuido. Alabes a hasi análisis i a tuma akshon pa baha gastunan manera esnan relatá na laboratorio. CMC ta sigui den kombersashon ku gobièrnu pa por yega na un solushon pa komunidat di Kòrsou.



CMC stops elective care for SVB patients due to a defisit

Willemstad, September 29th, 2021 – During this morning’s press conference, the management team of Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) announced a stop of all elective treatments for SVB patients, effective October 1st. This is due to the fact that the funds provided by SVB for 2021 do not cover the expenses attributed to SVB patients. CMC will restart elective care for SVB patients in January 2022 upon receipt of the new year’s budget from SVB. Elective care are treatments that are planned ahead of time and are not considered emergencies. All clinical (Poli) appointments will continue as usual for all patients, including SVB patients.

CMC has been sounding the alarm for more than 20 months, indicating that in order to cover all expenses related to patients, the hospital must apply the actual rates related to the new situation of our healthcare chain, where we chose for an ultra modern hospital. The rates related to the Lb MTSV law (Medisch Tarief Sociale Verzekereingen) from the early 2000 that were originally applied to the budget are not sustainable and do not cover the actual expenses. The decision to stop elective care for SVB patients was made to lower costs and to be able to guarantee acute and essential care at all times.

In addition to regular costs, CMC also had to cover additional COVID-19 expenses during the past year, an extra ANG 13.6 million. On top of this, a total of ANG 29.8 million in production was realized, which are funds that were supposed to be destined for elective care. In terms of all CMC’s expenses, 75% are fixed, meaning that whether the hospital treats 1 patient or 300 patients, these expenses remain the same.

The decision to stop elective care for SVB patients has a significant impact on the Curaçao community seeing that 85% of patient-related expenses are from SVB patients. The amount that has been paid by SVB thus far only covers through August of this year. In total, since the initiation of the hospital to date, there is a difference of ANG 51.1 million in funds received from SVB compared to the budgeted total from CMC. The funds received from SVB are based on the Lb MTSV rates, while CMC’s budget is based on the new rates that take the new operational costs for the hospital into account.

CMC’s currect financial situation is attributed to several reasons: The healthcare budget is not sufficient, additional COVID expenses, and other unexpected expenses related to the new hospital. From the beginning stages, the government made a few choices that have a long-term impact on CMC’s liquidity. Among these choices were a complete restructuring of the healthcare chain, an ultra modern hospital, garanteeing employment to all SEHOS’ employees and the decision to finance and pay the contruction costs from the new hospital’s own resources.

CMC has made several efforts to keep the hospital expenses down which included the renegotiation of material and pharmaceutical contracts. Additional analysis was also performed and action was taked to lower laboratory costs . CMC will continue conversations with the government to arrive at a solution for the community of Curaçao.

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