E banko a keda elogiá pa su logronan riba tereno di servisio bankario digital i servisionan di e-banking


Willemstad, 31 di Yanüari 2023 – CIBC FirstCaribbean a keda galardoná ku un otro premiashon pa e esfuersonan grandi ku e banko regional ta hasi den e mundu di banko digital.

“The European”, un publikashon finansiero mundial ku base na London, a nombra e banko “Best Digital Transformation Bank 2022”. E desishon tabata basá riba e banko su esfuerso i logronan riba tereno di servisio bankario digital, e-produkto, servisio bankario via internèt i produkto bankario korporativo basá riba un kantidat di standart global, banda di opinion di un pènel di analista di reputashon.

E publikashon a indiká ku “CIBC FirstCaribbean a ofresá e último solushonnan den servisio bankario digital pèrmitiendo su klientenan pa hasi nan transakshonnan bankario ku lo mínimo na molèster i na un forma sigur, loke ta nifiká ku nan por hasi uso di nan banko unda ku ta na mundu, ora ku nan ke i na e forma ku nan ke hasi esaki. E banko a perkurá tambe pa ofresé su klientenan formanan nobo pa mehorá nan komprenshon di nan asuntunan finansiero i data di tal forma ku e la agregá balor na nan bida.”

E banko su Direktor Ehekutivo pa Retail i Business Banking, Deepa Boucaud, a ekspresá su satisfakshon ku e último galardon akí, bisando ku ta “testimonio di e trabounan duru i e kompromiso pa ofresé ekselensha na klientenan dor di e banko kompletu.”

E la bisa ku e banko ta komprometé ku e trayekto di transformashon digital garantisando su klientenan ku tin e servisio i produktonan na nan punta di dede di tal forma ku nan transakshonan bankario ta personalisá i fásil.

“Nos lo sigui liderá ku produkto i servisionan modèrno i inovativo ku ta simplifiká e eksperensha bankario diario pa nos klientenan dor di ofresé nan funshonalidatnan digital riba tur nos kanalnan atrabes di kua nos ta ofresé servisio tur dia”, Sra. Boucaud a bisa.

“Digital ta e futuro di banko, i nos lo sigui mehorá kontinuamente nos kanalnan digital pa por ofresé solushonnan inovativo ku ta sirbi e nesesidatnan bankario úniko ku ta kambia segun dia ta bai”, Sra. Boucaud a añadí.




Bank hailed for its great strides in offering digital banking, e-products and services


Willemstad 31 January 2023. CIBC FirstCaribbean has copped another prestigious award for the great strides the regional bank has made in the digital banking space.

In naming the bank “Best Digital Transformation Bank 2022”, The European, a London based global financial publication, said the decision was based on the “bank’s efforts and strides made in digital banking, e-products, internet banking services, and the corporate banking products and made based on a set of global standards as well as the opinion of a select panel of reputable analysts.”

It added that “CIBC FirstCaribbean has rendered the latest digital banking solutions allowing customers to perform their banking transactions seamlessly and securely meaning that people can do their banking where, when, and how they want, it also ensures that they give customers new ways to better understand their finances and data in such a way that adds values to their lives.”

The bank’s Executive Director, Retail and Business Banking Deepa Boucaud expressed delight at the latest award noting that it was “testimony to the hard work and commitment to client-excellence on a bank-wide level”.

She said the bank was committed to its digital transformation journey ensuring that clients have at their fingertips all of the products and services to make their banking, personalised and easy.

“We will continue to lead the way with modern, innovative products and services that simplifies the everyday banking experience for our clients by providing them with new digital capabilities across all our service delivery channels,” Mrs. Boucaud said.

“Digital is the future of banking, and we are continuously enhancing our digital channels to provide innovative solutions to meet your unique and changing banking needs,” she added.


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