Police of Sint Maarten KPSM are currently conducting an investigation into a shooting that took place in the Middle Region on Friday evening.

From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


                                                       Philipsburg, 17th  october  2021

Police of Sint Maarten KPSM are currently conducting an investigation into a shooting that took place in the Middle Region on Friday evening.

On Friday evening October 15, 2021, at approximately 8:45 pm, Central dispatch received a call from St. Maarten Medical Center regarding a man who had arrived at the hospital with a gunshot wound to his upper arm.

Several police patrol and detective personnel were dispatched to the hospital to question the victim and to obtain additional information of what had taken place. Having spoken to the victim, it turned out that the shooting incident had occurred in the vicinity of Ginger road in Middle Region.

A site search was conducted by the personnel of the technical department along with the police patrol at the crime scene. Various objects regarding the shooting were found and confiscated. An attempt was made by the police patrols to find the suspect involved in the shooting but he was unable to be located. 

It Later emerged the victim had suffered only a graze wound to his shoulders and after being treated were discharged and allowed to go home. The preliminary investigation revealed that the cause of this incident was related to a parking situation.  This shooting incident is still under investigation.

The traffic department are Yet again, investigating a traffic accident where the driver, violated the speed limit.

On Sunday morning, October 17, 2021 at approximately 03.50 am Central Dispatch was notified of a traffic accident that occurred on the Prince Bernard Bridge where the vehicle ended up in the pound. 

Apparently it appeared that the driver had been driving at such a high rate of speed that he lost control of the vehicle and collided with the guardrail, ending up in the pond.

The driver suffered only minor injuries and was later attended to by an ambulance. The towing company extracted the damaged vehicle from the fresh-pond sometime later.




Speeding is the second most common cause of road accidents. Since cars, motorcycles and truck accidents that involve speeding typically occur at high speeds, it is also a major cause of serious or fatal road injuries. 

Driving above the speed limit is a common practice for many motorists. In addition, illegal behavior vastly increases the risk of losing control of a vehicle and causing an accident even a small increase in speed can result in a much higher risk of being involved in a collision or other type of accident. As such, it is essential for motorists to be aware of the speed at which they are traveling and stay within the legal limits.

Speeding, changing lanes without looking, hopping of scooters and motorbikes and ignoring road signs are all classic signs of reckless driving. An illegal driving habit’s now one of the most common cause of road accidents on our island Reckless driving usually involves a motorist that is less concerned about other road users than they are. After having looked at the reasons why vehicle accidents happen, an overview was done into the location on the island where most vehicular accidents take place. Through this information the Sint Maarten Police Force would again like to caution road users.

 A lot of the accidents happening can be avoided if everyone drove not only for themselves but also for the cars around them. Take heed the roadways are not your own avoid unnecessary collisions. The Police Force will continue to work towards keeping Sint-Maarten roads ways safe but it is a job that cannot be done without the help of the community. In many cases, easy safety measures can be taken to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Police officers carried out several traffic controls at various locations across the island. 

In the past week starting on October 14, 2021, the police patrols held several traffic control missions in which a total of 46 cars were stopped and 33 tickets issued for various traffic

These controls are part of the measures aimed at reducing crime and preventing the violation of traffic laws. The controls focused on driving without seatbelts, tinted windows and vehicles that were not fit for the road (not meeting all technical driving requirements), and road tax. The controls also doubled as training for rookie police officers with the goal of helping them better their skills while improving service to the community. The controls were under the supervision of the police training instructors and senior police officers.




Male victim died of drowned in swimming pool .

On Saturday, October 17, 2021 around 05:00 pm, Central Dispatch received several calls concerning a male who had allegedly drowned in a swimming pool on Sugar Hill road.

Several police patrols and paramedics were directed to the scene.  At the location it emerged that several persons had already pulled the victim out of the pool and were administering first aid.

Shortly after the paramedics appeared on the scene and continued giving the victim Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but could not revived the victim. It was later determined that the victim had died supposedly of drowning

He was later brought over the funeral home. Respecting the victim’s privacy and the family, no further information is provided concerning the identification of the deceased. The Sint Maarten Police Force is expressing its sympathy to the family of the deceased.  

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