Teen boy missing

On Monday December 27th 2021 a report of “Missing person” was filed at the Philipsburg Police Station by the grandmother of Jurmain Ishmael Jozef DAMENIE born in Suriname on the 8th 0f January 2008.

Jurmain was last seen a few days ago by his grandmother and left the house after having an argument with her. He left and have not return home since, nor contacted his grandmother or any other family member.

Jurmain is slim build, dark brown complexion, brown eyes and black hair and is 13 years old but will be 14 in the next few days. He was last seen wearing a blue pants and had no shirt on.

The police department is seeking the assistance from the community to help locate Jurmain Ishmael Jozef DAMENIE

If you have any information about the whereabouts of this person, please contact the Police Force: 54-22222 or the emergency number 911.

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