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Public Entity Saba

Supermarket Price Comparisons
The Public Entity Saba will publish monthly supermarket price comparisons to help consumers become more aware of their spending behavior. This has been made possible by the supermarket owners’ cooperation in the comparisons.
The entire product list will be published on the Public Entity Saba website. With the price comparisons, you can easily see how much you will pay for a basket of these products and the cheapest supermarket of the month.
For each product, the cheapest variant is noted in every supermarket. Any taste and/or quality differences have not been assessed.
The prices are converted to standard quantities (such as kilos, liters, or pieces).
The cheapest supermarket for July is Big Rock! The flyer provides an overview of the products that were included in this month’s price comparisons. Overall, products were 14% and 19% more at Saba Wishes and Saba Emporium, respectively.
To view the entire list of products, please visit this link
Hard copies will be available at the government building.

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