Police Academy students paid visit prison


Police Academy students of Class BPO 5 visited the House of Detention (prison) in Point Blanche on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. This visit was a very educational experience for students to see and experience operations of the prison and the routine of inmates.


Prison Inspector Steven Carty explained to the police-in-training about the resocialization of inmates and programs offers to achieve this goal; included is not only work activities, but educational and training courses. 


“The objective is to properly reintegrate prisoners into society by ensuring they ‘go out better than they came in,” said Inspector Carty.


The BPO 5 class has been in training for half-a-year and is working on the module “Responding to the Disturbance”. This module covers how to deal with disturbance caused by mentally-ill people or addicts, as well as with youth-related problems. This module also deals with operating at a crime scene. 


The management of the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM thanks Mr. Carty and his team for their cooperation and hospitality.

Driver flees scene after causing accident 


Police are seeking a man who fled the scene of a traffic accident he caused at the junction of Sucker Garden Road and Middle Region Road at approximately 8:30am today, Wednesday, August 17, 2022. Police hailed the driver of a white pickup to stop based on road tax requirements after he was spotted with an old French license plate on Oyster Pond Road heading towards Philipsburg. 


Instead of stopping the driver chose not to stop and accelerated down a side street that connects to Middle Region Road. A few minutes later, police in pursuit observed the pick-up driver overtaking some about five cars on Middle Region Road in his attempt to evade them. 


In his haste to shake off police, he slammed his pick up into a white Hyundai bus on Middle region Road. Following the impact, the pickup driver fled into the nearby bushes and disappeared. In spite of a search, the patrol was unable to find him.


The driver of the white van did not sustain any serious injuries. 


The Police Traffic Department is conducting the further investigation into this incident.   

Driver lands in Fresh Pond


A driver lost control of his vehicle ended up in the Fresh Pond near Prins Bernhard Bridge in the early morning of Wednesday, August 17, 2022. He sustained minor injuries from the incident.


Police Central Dispatch received a call around 3:00am about the crashed vehicle in the pond in the vicinity of Fort Willem Road and the bridge. Preliminary investigation indicates that the driver was heading to the traffic lights across the bridge from Bush Road when he lost control and ended up in the pond. 


The vehicle was pulled out of the pond and removed from the scene.

Vehicles left at towing companies and police station 


Police have confiscated or impounded several vehicles and scooters related to theft or non-compliance with the technical requirements of traffic laws under the assumption that the owner or rightful owners would have their vehicles returned to them once all was in order. 


However, a number of owners or assignees of the impounded vehicles have failed to appear to

collect them, resulting in several abandoned vehicles at the towing companies or at the police station on Philipsburg. 


As the peak of the hurricane season approaches, police appeal owners who are still to retrieve their vehicles to collect them with the required documentation. Failure to do so will result in the vehicle being considered abandoned. A list of vehicles and scooters left at towing companies and police station has been compiled and is available from police. 


If your vehicle is still in the care of the police, contact the force on +1 721 542 2222. You can also visit or leave a private message via Facebook page: Police Force of Sint Maarten -Korps Politie Sint Maarten.

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