Message From the CHATA Board

CHATA Members & Partners,


The restructuring of CHATA, as determined by the Board, is progressing. The board will be taking steps in order to adapt the direction of the association to better meet the Membership’s requirements, enhance our leadership position in the community, stakeholders, and the growth of our visibility internationally with a focus on marketing.


To assist the board in developing the strategic plan, supporting CHATA’s vision of a marketing driven association, the board has retained the expertise of Mr. James Hepple, Managing Director Tourism Analytics, as the advisor to the Board and interim Managing Director. Mr. Hepple has ample experience in leading both public and private tourism and hospitality organizations and we are confident that he will contribute to the development of CHATA’s vision.


CHATA acknowledges the commitment of Mrs. Selina Maduro-Gumbs, Events and Operations Manager and Ms. Crystal Willems, PR & Education Manager, especially during the worst of the pandemic and wishes them much continued success in their new roles in the private sector. In order to ensure the continuity in the day-to-day operations, the Board is pleased to welcome back Jihan Fayad-Hammoud, previously CHATA’s Partnership & Communications Senior Executive, as the interim Office Manager.


Separately, the board is responsible for the recruitment of a new Managing Director and has retained a recruitment agency in this process. Once the new organizational structure has been aligned with the strategy, those vacancies will be posted.


During the membership meeting scheduled for November 24, 2022, the board will further discuss the new direction CHATA will be taking and listen to any questions or concerns you may have. Please join us and should you have need to contact the Board, please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman of the Board, Hans Slier at


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