Dudley Josepa, first Honorary member of CUMAFE

Dudley Josepa, first Honorary member of CUMAFE


Dudley Josepa was appointed as honorary member at the recently held General Assembly of the Curaçao Martial Arts Federation (CUMAFE). He is the first honorary member in the history of CUMAFE for his many years of voluntary contribution, commitment and dedication.

Dudley himself founded CUMAFE in 2003 CUMAFE with the aim of bringing different martial arts together, but had to resign due to departure abroad. He received the certificate recently from the new president Jonathan Symor and vice-president Edwin Baas, who has been on the board since its inception.


Dudley Josepa is one of the world’s top 3 best karatekas of all time. José Manuel Egea from Spain has the first place and Dudley is the second most important karate fighter in all of history.

The prizes and titles he has won at world championships, world cups, European championships are countless. Dudley has also really won awards all over the world. Norway, Hungary, Scotland, Italy, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Spain, Algeria, Malaysia, Finland, The Netherlands and the list goes on.

And those prizes weren’t just prizes. As you know you have many different styles in karate, each with their own organization and their own champions, however Dudley became world champion of the WUKO (World Union of Karate Organizations) which later got the name WKF (World Karate Federation). All styles come together here. And also important to mention is that in the eighties, when Dudley was a champion, karate was the most popular and practiced martial art.


As a coach and trainer of his own club and national selections he was also very successful.

Dudley trained his pupils on all aspects, technically, tactically, conditionally, mentally and taught them the budo values such as respect, self-control, honor, courage, etc.


Since 2004, Dudley has volunteered as a competition official (judge and timekeeper) at Thai and kickboxing competitions and since 2010 Dudley also volunteers for CABA/CuraBox as a competition official at amateur boxing bouts. Dudley also takes part of the financial commission of CuraBox.

Dudley has been inducted into the “Salon di fama” of FDOK and the sport museum.


Dudley Josepa is what they call a champion on the mat and off the mat.


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