Motorcyclist now fighting for life after reckless driving & stunts

From:  Acting head of communication Department

Inspector E.S Josepha                                                              January 16th 2023



Motorcyclist now fighting for life after reckless driving & stunts

Over the past days, the Traffic Department of the Police Force of St. Maarten has dealt with several vehicle accidents with resulting injuries.

One such serious incident was on Sunday, January 15, 2023, at approximately 9:30pm in Dutch Quarter. Police Central Dispatch was notified of an accident involving a motorcyclist who was severely injured after crashing into a red car.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the red vehicle driver was driving recklessly and making circles on the main road in Dutch Quarter. Simultaneously, the rider of a blue/white motorcycle was using the road recklessly by engaging in stunts and “hopping”. The two crashed into each other as they performed reckless stunts.

The motorcyclist was severely injured and remains in St. Maarten Medical Center in a very critical condition.

The motorbike involved in the collision was removed from the scene before police patrols or ambulance personnel got to the scene of the accident. The Police Traffic Department warns the public that such a removal is tampering with evidence, a punishable crime. The removal also further complicates the investigation.


Police remind all road users, especially motor- and scooter riders and motorists, that road/street racing is illegal. Racing any vehicle on public roads is illegal.


Road racing is exceedingly dangerous as this puts other road users in an extremely dangerous position. Illegal racing and stunt driving cause accidents resulting in serious injury or death, and damage to public roads and private property.


KPSM will severely crack down on street racing  in the upcoming days.


KPSM will continue to work on keeping Sint Maarten’s roads safe, but it is a job that cannot be achieved without the community’s participation. In many cases, easy safety measures can be taken to prevent unnecessary accidents.


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