Public warned against committing offences during carnival season

From:  Head of communication Department

Inspector E.S Josepha                                                              April 10th 2023




Public warned against committing offences during carnival season


As in previous years, the Sint Maarten Police Force KPSM and the Prosecutor’s Office OM SXM issue a stern warning to the public in particular revelers, to avoid committing offenses and to refrain from disruptive behavior during this carnival season.


The “Pay or Stay” method for anyone caught committing any offence and/or engaging in disruptive behavior will be applied during this carnival period. “Pay or Stay” means anyone issued a fine can opt to pay the fine or serve several days in jail. This method will only be applied to offences for which a fine has been imposed by law.


OM SXM in collaboration with KPSM, has drawn up a transaction fine list related to specific criminal offences. The purpose of this list is to provide a clear overview of the consequences of committing these offences.


KPSM and OM SXM continue to stress that committing offences during carnival will be punished. Police therefore request the public act responsibility during this period and respect the laws and rules of the country. In this way, together we can ensure that carnival remains a festive and safe time for everyone.







Road safety during the busy carnival season

With the onset of the busy carnival season, the St Maarten police remind motorists to prioritize road safety. In the coming weeks, the police will step up efforts to prevent vehicular accidents by raising awareness among as many persons as possible about the safety of all road users.


While the public should be able to enjoy the road during this carnival season, the police also want to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. Therefore, the police will be paying more attention to road safety and encourage drivers to do their part.


Sint Maarten Police’s effort will include increased traffic enforcement, but also information campaigns to remind drivers of safe driving practices. These encompass everything from wearing a seat belt to avoiding distracted driving and drank driving to how to use the roundabouts.


This Easter weekend, notwithstanding the heightened risks of mishaps in traffic, there were relatively few serious road accidents.

However, police remind motorists that even one accident is too many, and that they should continue to prioritize road safety in the coming weeks.


While the police are encouraged by the relatively quiet Easter weekend, we know that the risks are always there, so we urge all drivers to remember that road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we will do our part to ensure a safe and enjoyable carnival season.


KPSM is committed to promoting road safety and reducing accidents on our roads. We urge all drivers to join us by prioritizing safe driving and obeying traffic rules at all times.








Police of Sint Maarten are going to start carrying out controls in connection with road tax and technical requirement


The police force or Sint Maarten is would like to urge all owners of impounded scooters and other vehicles to collect them from the police station in Phillipsburg. These vehicles were previously impounded for violation of the traffic regulations, and were placed at the disposal of the owner at the police station.


To retrieve these vehicles, the owner must identify himself and produce the necessary documents. These need to include your driving license, road tax the vehicle registration certificate and proof of insurance. In the event that the vehicles are not collected within a certain timeframe, the prosecutor will intervene and the vehicles will be disposed of.


The police of Sint Maarten would also like to announce that they will start controlling for road tax as well as the technical aspects of vehicles on public roads


Hence, it is important for those who operate any vehicle to have attached the plate bearing your registration number. Additionally your vehicle must meet the technical requirements set by the law.


During the coming period, there will be increased controls to ensure that all vehicles meet the set requirements. Therefore, we kindly ask for your cooperation in this regard and to ensure that your vehicle meets the set requirements.




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